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improper to commence our description, by entering into the district from Lancaster.

Will, without doubt, excite the curiosity and admiration of the tourist. The massive towers of the castle proudly overlooking the town - the church - the sessions-hall - and noble bridge crossing the Lune - will by turns engage the attention; and the beautiful prospects which embrace the town, the river, and the sea, will give him a rich foretaste of the enjoyment awaiting him amid the blue highlands which close in the distance.
Lancaster to Ulverston
From Lancaster to Coniston, the more circuitous but safer road, is by Milnthorpe to Ulverstone, thence to Dalton and Furness Abbey. Bold and adventurous spirits may cross

  Lancaster Sands
  sands guide
From Lancaster. Over these extensive and dangerous wastes, covered by every succeeding tide, travellers are conducted by guides appointed by government. The first guide, who is on foot, conducts parties over the Keer; the next guide, who is on horseback, and is familiarly styled 'the Carter,' leads them over the Kent. The Priory of Cartmel was formerly charged with the maintenance of this guide, and had Peter's-pence and synodals allowed towards their reimbursement. It
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