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Page 105:-
[op]posite wall is ornamented with three niches, whose crocketted canopies are delicately chiselled and supported by slender pillars. In this building is a curious stone chair, having an impanelled foliated ceiling, called the confessional. From the Abbey the Cathedral is seen in the best point of view; a low, square, and embattled tower rises over the intersection of the cross. The east end cannot be viewed but in pieces: its centre is filled by the magnificent window, on each side of which rise buttresses with crocketted pinnacles; the gable is adorned with crosses, and its blank space filled with a right angled spherical window. The design of this front is one of grandeur; the great size of the window, the boldness of the buttresses, and the richness of the crockets, crosses, and finials, unite in rendering it the admiration of all. The north side of the Cathedral forms a fine street-scene, with row of trees around its church-yard wall, which has lately been rebuilt and surmounted by cast-iron rails, the very elegant design for which was handsomely furnished by R. W. Billings, Esq.
The Church of St. Cuthbert is a plain modern building. Trinity Church, in Caldewgate, and Christ Church, are new, having been lately built by the aid of subscriptions from the inhabitants and from the Church Building Commissioners. The former is of the Tudor, the latter of early English architecture, and both have spires, rising from square towers, though in a different manner.
At the head of Castle-street, near the Market-
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