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Page 112:-
west front, the north side, and north transept, are presented, conveying an idea of magnitude and grandeur to the beholder, which no other point of view gives. The east end with the north transept again, is another noble picture from amidst the numerous tombs of the church-yard.
There is a decent inn at the bridge, where refreshment may be procured. From the bridge, which crosses the river by two bold arches, a public carriage-road leads through the park to

  Naworth Castle
Here, however, we should recommend the carriage to be sent up to the Castle, while the stranger pursues the banks of the Irthing by a footpath which leads to the right from the river up a deep ravine, whose steep sides wave with aged woods. The oaks are splendid, and the grey turrets and battlements of the Castle, seen in combination with them, impress the mind with feelings of solemn grandeur.
A short distance in front of the keep is a circular bastion or barbican. The keep stands a little in advance of the main body of the Castle, and over the archway are carved in bold relief the armorial bearings of the family. The Castle forms a complete quadrangle, the front being an extended curtain, battlemented, and connecting the two square and lofty towers at the angles. Having entered this through a small passage, you stand in the court-
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