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Snows, Cumberland

Extract of a letter from Whitehaven, dated Nov. 24. "Ever since the memorable fall of snow in 1767, nothing in any degree resembling it has been experienced in this part of the kingdom until the night of Thursday last, and the following morning, accompanied by a strong gale of wind from the North-west, which drifted in several places in the streets to the depth of four feet, and to a much greater degree in many parts of the country, even to 12 feet. The general post, which usually arrived about eight o'clock in the evening, did not appear, and no mail could be sent off. No article whatever arrived from the country for Saturday's market. The post boy arrived on Saturday evening with the London mail of Wednesday, being 23 hours later than usual. It was brought from Penrith to Cockermouth by a man on foot, the road being impassable for a horse. Another fall of snow came on, a little after 11, on Monday forenoon, which continued falling when the above account came away."
Dec. 4. In Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, and Westmoreland, the weather has been for the last week particularly severe, with deep snow, and dreadful hurricanes from the North-east. ... In many parts the stage-coaches could not be got on, though drawn by six or eight horses. The Carlisle mail-coach, on Monday last, met with great difficulty in getting over Stainmoor, though drawn by six horses.
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