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Gentleman's Magazine 1819 part 1 p.405
1216. Holme Cultram abbey pillaged, and Carlisle, Aug. 8, taken by Alexander King of Scotland.
1217. Carlisle retaken by Walter de Gray, Abp. of York.
1237. Cumberland finally annexed to the throne of England by cession of Alexander King of Scotland to Henry III.
1296. Robert de Clifford appointed the first English Lord Warden of the Marches. - Carlisle successfully defended by the inhabitants against the Scots under John Comyn Earl of Buchan, and six other Earls, who burnt the suburbs of the city, and on the retreat set fire to Lanercost Abbey.
1297. Allerdale, as far as Cockermouth, laid waste, and Carlisle unsuccessfully besieged by the Scots under Wallace, in October.
1298. At Carlisle, Sept. 15, after his victory at Falkirk, parliament held by Edward I.
1300. At Holme Cultram abbey, in October, Edward I. released the Bp. of Glasgow from his imprisonment, and received his allegiance with great solemnity.
1307. From Lanercost priory, March 1, Edward I. and his Queen Margaret removed to Kirk Cambock; thence on the 4th to Linstock castle, where they were entertained for six days by John Halton Bp. of Carlisle; on the 12th the Court proceeded to Carlisle, where the parliament was sitting; and on June 28, Edward, very weak and ill, left the city on his March to Scotland; halted that night at Caldecote; reached Burgh-upon-Sands July 5, and closed his glorious reign there July 7. An obelisk commemorating this event was erected on Burgh Marsh by Henry Duke of Norfolk in 1685, and repaired by William Viscount Lowther in 1803. - July 11, 1307, Edward II. arrived at Carlisle, and on the 13th receieved the homage of his barons. On his return from Scotland in September he restored Anthony Bec to the bishoprick of Durham, of which he had been dispossessed by Edward I.
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