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Belman Ground is from one to two miles south of Bowness, and on the side of the hill above Storrs, the beautiful seat of John Bolton, Esq. Curwen Island, and nearly all the other islands, are seen from this stand, with the Ferry House and its opposite ferry point. The relative situation of Ambleside may here be observed, being near the meeting of the distant shores of the lake. The hill above the Ferry House is called Furness Fell; and the extreme distance is composed of the mountains of Grasmere, Rydal, and Ambleside.



The Ferry House on Windermere is about eight miles from Ambleside, either by Bowness or High Wray; it is something more than that distance from Ambleside to Hawkshead and Esthwaite Water. This view is taken near the place where the carriage-boat is moored: the high trees on the right rise from the island called Crowholm, beyond which is a little peep at Curwen Island; and between that island and the Lancashire shore, which is upon the left, see one of the lily of the valley holms: the distance is Rydal mountains.



The road from Kendal to Ambleside is through the village of Staveley; but at Staveley the Ambleside and Kentmere roads separate. Staveley is five miles from Kendal, and Kentmere Hall is nine.
Kentmere is a rocky dale of great magnificence; and Chapel Hill, which lies at the head of Haws Water, is through Kentmere, about fifteen miles from Kendal.
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