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From Nether Wasdale travel the side of the lake, and by Wastdale Head up the side of Gable to the Sty; and leaving Sty Head Tarn, Sprinkling Tarn, and Angle Tarn, all on the left hand, drop down through the vale of Langdale to Ambleside. Or from Sty Head, leaving Sty Head Tarn upon the right, pass through Seathwaite, Rosthwaite (where there is an ale-house), and Stonethwaite; and keeping Eagle Crag upon the right ascend a steep hill, (the ascent is called Greenup,) from the top of which, by proceeding some time south-east, come to the head of Easedale, descend into the valley, and passing Grasmere Church return to Ambleside.
For those who wish to return to Keswick from Wast Water, the way is from Rosthwaite, by Bowder Stone and Lowdore, to Keswick.
The horse-road from Ambleside is over Hardknott and Wrynose to Santon Bridge, as before, and by the above described pedestrian route to Rosthwaite; from which proceed, as before, to Keswick, and back to Ambleside.Or when at Rosthwaite, pass through Stonethwaite, and up the valley called Langstre to the Stake, which cross, to Langdale Head, and from Langdale Head to Ambleside.
The carriage-road from Ambleside is through Coniston, eight miles, Broughton, nine more, and over Birker Fell (a road somewhat rugged), by Santon Bridge to Nether Wastdale, which is this way from Ambleside about thirty-five miles; or from Broughton to Nether Wastdale, (enquire at Broughton about the tides,) by Bootle, Ravenglass, or by Muncaster. As such who take this tour in a carriage must not only approach but return from the lake through Nether Wastdale, they will proceed up its side only as far as they find pleasant: this last line from Ambleside is about forty miles.
From Nether Wastdale pass through Gosforth to Calder Bridge, Egermont, Lampleugh, and by Scale Hill to Keswick - distance thirty-four miles. Or from Nether Wastdale to Whitehaven by Calder Bridge and Egermont, and from Whitehaven to Keswick: the distance from Nether Wastdale by Whitehaven to Keswick is forty-one miles.
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