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Page 177:-

[Ro]binson. This castle is the property of the Earl of Carlisle, derived from his ancestor Lord William Howard.
River Irthing About a mile farther I crossed the Irt, or Irthing, celebrated by the Editor of Camden for its pearls*. He tells us, that certain gentlemen obtained a patent for the fishery, which flattered them with the hopes of enriching themselves by those of the British river. PEARLS IN THE IRTHING.
Lanercost Priory Not far from its banks stand the remains of Llanercost Priory. Here are to be seen ruins of two towers and some other buildings, and an inclosure with the remains of an ancient gate. The church had been a magnificent pile, with a tower in the centre. The west door is very handsome. The windows above, and most of the other windows, are high and narrow. It is now a perpetual curacy, with a small stipend, increased by Queen Anne's bounty. This religious house was a Priory of Canons Regular of St. Augustine, founded by Robert de Vallibus, son of Hugh de Vallibus, in 1169, for the soul of Henry II. the great benefactor to his father and himself, and for the souls of his father Hubert, his mother Grecia, and all his ancestors and successors†. At the dissolution the revenues were, according to Speed, 79l. 19s.; to Dugdale, 77l. 7s. 11d.: LLANERCOST PRIORY
* Gibson's Camden, 11.
Dugdale Monast. ii. 130.

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