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Page 178:-

at that time there were seven Canons and the Prior. - Henry VIII. granted the house and site, and several appurtenances, to Sir Thomas Dacre; and Edward VI. granted him the living of Llanercost, and several other churches, tithes and emoluments belonging to the Priory. This Sir Thomas was commonly called the Bastard Dacre, being an illegitimate son of Lord Dacre of the north. He repaired the mansion-house, and caused the following lines to be painted on the windows, which were afterwards removed into the east window of the church:

"Mille et quingentos ad quinquaginta novemque
"Adjice, et hoc anno condidit istud opus
"Thomas Daker eques, sedem qui primus in istam
"Veneret exstinctâ religione loci.
"Haec Edvardus ei dederat, devoverat ante
"Henricus, longae praemia militiae."
From the Dacres it came to the Howards, and is at present possessed by the Earl of Carlisle, by virtue of a lease from the Crown, to which it reverted on failure of issue-male descended from Sir Thomas Dacre*.
The burial-place of the great family of the Dacres is most scandalously neglected; overgrown with brambles,
* Burn, 11.

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