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Page 181:-
the Inhabitants at large, in Number about 300, tho' the Houses are not above 240, some of them containing several Families.
Ravenglass is the next Market Town we are to speak of: Here is a commodious Harbour for Ships, made by the Meeting of the River Mute with the Eske. Richard de Lucy, Lord of Egremont, obtain'd of King John, in the 10th Year of his reign, a Grant of a Fair and Market to be kept Yearly in Right of the Haven, as Lord Paramount; but at the same Time confirm'd by a Fine, levied to the Mesne Lords and Tenants, all the Land and Fee of Ravenglass; and gave them, moreover, Estovers to make their Fish-Guards in the River Eske, which is continu'd to this Day. The Market is kept on Saturdays: and the Fair on July the 25th; and it is 214 Miles computed, and 272 measured from London.
This Manor, and other Lands adjoining, have been long enjoy'd by the Penningtons, who took their name from the Town of Pennington in Lancashire. They were many of them Knights, and Men of great Valour in defending the Borders, and other Services.
Egremont is a small Market Town, standing on the Banks of a little River, over which there are two Bridges near it; It is famous for its Castle, seated upon a sharp-topt Hill, built by William de Meschines, Brother of Ranulph, first Earl of Cumberland. In the reign of Henry VI. Sir Thomas Piercy was created Baron of Egremont, and tho' he left no Issue, the Barony remain'd in the Family of the Piercy's, Earls of Northumberland. It was a Borough Town, having formerly the Privilege of electing Members of Parliament, but hath now lost it, for what Reason doth not appear. Its Market is on Saturdays; and it is 222 Miles computed and 287 measured from London.
Whitehaven is a Market Town, somewhat more N. so called from a great Rock of hard white Stone, standing on the W. Side of it, and the Haven which shelters the Vessels that enter into it from Tempests and Winds. It anciently belong'd to St. Bees, which we shall speak of hereafter.
The Town of Whitehaven is grown up by Encouragement of the Lowther Family, from a small Place
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