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Page 31:-
[Cart]mel was charged with this important office, and synodals and peter-pence allowed towards its maintenance. Since the dissolution of the priory, it is held by patent of the duchy of Lancaster, and the salary, twenty pounds per annum, is paid by the receiver-general.
  Kents Bank to Cartmel
  Cartmel Priory

Cartmel is a small district belonging to Lancashire, but united to Westmorland a little below Bowness, on Windermere-water, from whence it extends itself betwixt the rivers Leven and Kent, and so intersects the great bay at Morecambe. It is three miles across from Cark-lane, where you quit the sands to Sand-gate. Pass through Flookburg [1], once a market-town, by charter granted to the prior of Cartmel, lord paramount, from King Edward I. The only thing worthy of notice in Cartmel is the Church, a hand-
[1] Near this place is a noted spaw, called Holy-well, found to be of great service in most cutaneous disorders, and much resorted to in the summer season from distant parts. It is an easy cathartic, restores lost appetite, and fully answers the ancient poetic description of a fountain.
'Infirmo capiti fluit utilis, utilis alvo.'
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