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Page 295:-
Within these few years, several visitors of the lakes extend their tour, by taking in Whitehaven, and proceeding from thence, by Cleator and Kinnyside, to Ennerdale Bridge; at which place guides can be procured, to conduct them by the best rout to Ennerdale Broad-water; and, if they choose, from thence to Lowes-water, Buttermere, &c.- This part of the journey (without which the tour is incomplete) cannot, however, be performed in a carriage; but a ride on horseback will amply recompence the trouble, for the scenery is delightful, and the objects have been pronounced (as well by many gentlemen of taste as by artists of much celebrity) highly interesting. Many such have ventured to prefer these views even to some of those which have attracted so much attention from the patrons of the fine arts.
Certain it is, the approach to the lake of Ennerdale, to Lowes-water, and to Buttermere, is from no other quarter so magnificent and captivating. The lake of Ennerdale appears in view. To the left, a majestic wood, rising gradually up the side of Cold-fell from the opposite shore of the water, imparts the most graceful ornament to the entrance into a region perfectly different from the last. A short turn to the right lays the whole lake and valley open to the view, and Herd-house presents his tawny front, as regent of the scene. The furniture of the lake (if the expression may be allowed) is totally changed: on the traveller's side (the east) the farms are stretched out, and exhibit a verdure seldom exceeded in the most fertile parts of this kingdom; and in a compass of a few miles, the number of small tenements seem to say with Goldsmith,
'Here every rood maintains its man.'
On the opposite shore of this little ocean (which is frequently seen vexed with little storms of short duration) the mountain towers with great dignity; neither terrible nor in-
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