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Page 163:-
  Earls of Westmorland.
  Westmorland, Earl of
The title of earl of Westmoreland was revived by James I. 1624, in the person of Francis Fane, descended from the Nevilles by his mother, daughter and heir of Henry Neville, lord, Bergavenny. He died 1628 at Westmoreland house in Great St. Bartholomew, London, and was buried at Apthorp, c. Northampton. His son Mildmay succeeded, and dying 1665, was buried with his father, and succeeded by his son Charles [t], who died 1691, and was succeeded by his son Vere. He died 1692, and was succeeded by his son and namesake, who dying 1699, was succeeded by his brother Thomas, and he, 1736, by his brother John, who died 1762, aged above 80. The title devolved on Thomas a descendant from sir Francis Fane, 3d son of the first earl. He died 1771, and was succeeded by his son John, who died 1774, and is succeeded by his son John the 10th and present earl.
[t] Dugd. Bar. II. 450.
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