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Page 164:-

Westmorland, plant list

Rare Plants found in Westmorland.

Acrostichum septentrionale. Forked or Horned Fern; on the mountains on Ambleside.
Actaea spicata. Herb Christopher, or Bane-berries; in woods.
Adoxa Moschatellina. Tuberous Moschatel; in hedges.
Alchemilla alpina. Cinquefoil Ladies Mantle; on the rocks on the side of Ullswater lake, on in Lonsdale.
Allium arenarium. Broad-leaved Mountain Garlic; in Troutbeckholm, near Great Strickland.
--- carinatum. Purple flowered Mountain Garlic; on rocks near Lonsdale.
--- loeracium. Herbaceous Wild Garlic; in corn fields, everywhere.
--- schoenoprasum. Chives; in meadows and pastures.
Althaea vulgaris. Marsh Mallow; in marhses near the sea.
Andromeda polifolia. Wild Rosemary, or Marsh Cistus; in turfy bogs.
Aquilegia vulgaris. Columbine, Culverwort, Cocksfoot, or Sowdwort; in mountainous woods.
Asarum Eoropaeum. Asarabacca; in woody plces.
Arenaria laricifolia. Larch leaved Chickweed; on the mountains.
--- verna. Mountain Chickweed; on the mountains above Kendal.
Asperula Cynanchica. Squinancy-wort; on the limestone hills about Conzwic near Kendal.
Asplenium Ceterach. Spleenwort; on the bridge at Troutbeck.
--- Ruta maria. White Maidenhair, Wall Rue, or Tentwort; on walls and rocks.
--- viride. Green Maidenhair; on walls and rocks.
Athamanta Meum. Spignel, Meu, or Bawd-money; in mountainous meadows frequent.
Atropa Belladonna. Deadly Nightshade, or Dwale; in hedges and on rubbish.
Bartsia alpina. Mountain Eyebright Cowwheat; near a rivulet running by the way from Orton to Crosby.
Bryum crudum. Spear-leaved Bryum; in woods about Rydal.
Byffus saxatilis. Stone Byffus; on rocks.
Campanula latifolia. Giant Throatwort, or Canterbury bells; in bushy places and hedges: at Kendal.
--- rotundifolia γ. A variety of Round-leaved Bell-flower; on the high mountains.
--- Trachelium. Great Throatwort, or Canterbury bells; near the footpath between Levens and Sizergh.
Cardamine hirsuta. Hairy Ladies-smock; in meadows, pastures, and moist shady places: in Kendal.
--- impatiens. Impatient Ladies-smock; in mountanous meadows and pastures, near rivulets, and in moist shady places: at Kendal.
Carduus heleniodes. Melancholy Thistle; in mountainous pastures, everywhere.
Carex distans. Loose Carex; on the mountains, and elsewhere.
--- gracilis. Nova Species. Curtis Flora Londinensis Fasc. 4. Slender spiked Carex; on the borders of Conzwic Tarn, near Kendal.
--- inflata. Lesser Bladder Carex; in marshes: everywhere.
--- limosa. Brown Carex; in turfy bogs.
Chara hispida. Prickle Chara; in ditches and ponds.
--- tomentosa. Brittle Chara; in turfy ditches.
Cineraria palustris. Marsh Fleabane; on Burton moss.
Circaea alpina. Mountain Enchanters Nightshade; at the bottoms of mountains, about Dalham.
Cistus Helianthemum. Dwarf Cistus, or Little Sunflower; in mountainous meadows and pastures, especially of a limestone soil: atCald-kail-scrogs, near Kendal.
--- hirsutus. Hoary Dwarf Cistus; on Betham banks, near Scoot Style, near Kendal, and at Buckbarrow bank-scar, between Brigscar and Conzwic.
Cochlearia officinalis γ. Groenlandica. Groenland Scurvy-grass; in Lonsdale, and at Buckbarrow well.
Conserva fluviatilis. Horse-tail Conserva; in rivers.
Convallaria majalis. Lily-convally, or May-lily; in woods at Kendal and Levens.
--- majalis β. Narrow leaved Lily-convally; in woods and on heaths: by Waterfall bridge, and elsewhere.
Cotyledon Umbilicus veneris. Navelwort, Wall Pennywort, or Kidneywort; on moist old walls and stoney places: about Troutbeck, and in Merslack, a shady lane, Winander meer.
Cynosurus coeruleus. Small blue-eared Mountain Spike-grass; in mountainous meadows: at Helsfel Nab, Kendal.
Cypripedium Calceolus. Ladies Slipper; in woods and among bushes.
Draba incana. Wreathen podded Whittow-grass, or Wreathed Lunar Violet; in fissures of rocks, and in mountainous places everywhere.
--- muralis. Wall Whitlow Grass; in fissures of rocks, and in mountainous pastures and stoney places, particularly of a limestone soil, everywhere.
Drosera anglica. Great Sundew; in boggy places, everywhere.
--- longifolia. Long leaved Sundew, or Rosa folis; on Brigstear moss.
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