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Page 206:-

Cumberland, plant list

Rare Plants found in Cumberland.

Alchemilla alpina. Cinque-foil Ladies Mantle; on rocks near the lake called Ullswater, not far from Penrith.
Allium vineale. Crow-garlic; in meadows and pastures.
--- ursinum. Ramsons; in woods and hedges.
Althaea officinalis. Marsh Mallow; in sea marshes.
Andromeda polifolia. Marsh Cistus, or Wild Rosemary; in turfy bogs.
Anthyllis vulneraria. Kidney-vetch or Ladies Finger; in meadows and pastures in chalky and lime stone soil.
Artemesia maritima. Sea Wormwood; on sea shores.
Arundo arenaria. Sea Reed-Grass; on sandy sea shores.
Asplenium adiantum nigrum. Black Maiden-hair; in shady places and on old walls.
--- marinum. Sea Maiden-hair or Fern; on sea rocks.
--- Ruta muraria. White Maiden-hair or Wall Rue; in damp chinks of rocks and on old walls.
--- Trichomanes. Common Maiden-hair; on old walls.
Aster Tripolium. Sea Starwort; on the sea shore in a clay soil.
Athamanta meum. Common Spignel; in mountainous meadows.
Atrope Belladonna. Deadly Nightshade or Dwale; in hedges and amongst rubbish.
Beta vulgaris. Sea Beet; on sea shores.
Brassica monensis. Procumbent Cabbage, or Rocket; on sandy sea shores.
Butomus umbellatus. Flowering Rush, or Water Gladiole; on the banks of rivers and ponds.
Carduus helenoides. Melancholy Thistle; in mountainous pastures.
--- marianus. Milk Thistle; on ditch banks and on rubbish.
Campanula latifolia. Giant Throat-wort; amongst bushes and hedges.
--- Trachelium. Great Throat-wort, or Canterbury Bells; in woods and hedges.
--- glomerata. Lesser Throat-wort, or Canterbury Bells; in hilly and chalky pastures.
Chelidonium Glaucium. Yellow horned Poppy; on sandy sea shores.
Chrithmum maritimum. Sampire; on sea shores.
Chrysosplenium oppositifolium. Common Golden Saxifrage; in damp shady places.
Circaea lutetiana. Enchanters Nightshade; in damp shady placs and hedges.
Cynosurus caeruleus. Blue Dog-tail Grass; in hilly meadows.
Crambe maritima. Sea Cole-wort; on sandy sea shores.
Conserva fluviatilis. Horse-tail Conserva; in rivers.
DroseraAnglica. Great Sundew; in boggy places.
Empetrum nigrum. Black-berried Heath, Crow or Crake Berries; on mountainous heaths.
Erica multiflora Fir-leaved Heath; on heaths.
Eriophoron polystachion. Cotton Grass; in damp meadows and bogs.
--- vaginatum. Hair's tail Rush; in turfy bogs on mountains.
Eryngium maritimum. Sea Holly or Eryngo; on sea shores.
Fucus esculentus. Esculent Fucus; on submarine rocks and stones.
--- linearis. Narrow-leaved Fucus or Sea Thongs; on submarine rocks and stones.
--- vesiculosus. Common Fucus or Sea Oak; on sea rocks and stones.
Galanthus nivalis. Snow-drop; in meadows and hedges.
Geranium cicutarium. Hemlock-leaved Cranesbill; on rubbish and walls.
--- moschatum. Musked Cranesbill; in dry meadows.
--- nodosum. Knotty Cranesbill; in mountainous places.
--- sylvaticum. Mountain Cranesbill; in mountainous pastures and bushy places.
Galeobdolon luteum. Yellow Nettle-Hemp; in hedges and shady places.
Gentiana Centaurium. Lesser Centaury; in dry and barren pastures.
Geum rivale. Water Avens; in moist hilly pastures.
Glaux maritima. Sea Milk-wort, or Black Salt-wort; in sea marshes.
Isatis tinctoria. Woad; in cornfields.
Jungermannia ciliaris. Fern Jungermania; in woods, on damp heaths, and by rivers.
Leonurus Cardiaca. Motherwort; on rubbish and in hedges.
Lichen furfuraceus. Branny Liver-wort; on trunks of trees.
--- geographicus. Map Liver-wort; on rocks.
Lycopodium Alpinum. Mountain Club-moss; on hilly heaths.
--- clavatum. Common Club-moss; on mountains and heaths.
--- inundatum. Marsh Club-moss; on damp heaths.
--- Selago. Fir Club-moss; on hilly heaths.
Lysimachia nemorum. Yellow Pimpernel of the Woods; in shady and damp woods.
Lobelia Dortmanna. Water Gladiole; in the lake called Ulswater.
Malva Alcea. Vervain Mallow; in hedges and at the sides of fields.
Marrubium vulgare. White Horehound; on rubbish and by way sides.
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