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Page 207:-
Melampyrum sylvaticum. Yellow Cow-wheat; in woods and woody places.
Menyanthes trifoliata. Marsh Trefoil, or Buck-bean; in marshy and watry places.
Narthecium ossifragum. Lancashire Asphodel; in trufy bogs.
Nepeta cataria. Nep, or Cat-mint; in meadows and hedges, in a limestone soil.
Nymphaea lutea. Yellow Water Lily; in rivers, ponds, and ditches.
--- alba. White Water Lily; in rivers and ponds.
Ophioglossum vulgatum. Adder's-tongue; in damp meadows and pastures.
Origanum vulgare. Wild Margoram; in bushy places and hedges in a limestone soil.
Orobus sylvaticus. English Wood-Vetch; at Gamlesby.
Osmunda regalis. Osmund Royal, or Flowering Fern; in marshy and watery places.
Parietara officinalis. Pellitory of the wall; amongst rubbish, and on walls.
Parnassia palustris. Grass of Parnassus; in damp meaows.
Phalaris arenaria. Sea Canary grass; in sandy places by the sea.
--- arundinacea. Reed Canary Grass; on the banks of rivers and lakes.
Pinguicula vulgaris. Butterwort, or Yorkshire Sanicle; in boggy places.
Plantago coronopus. Buckshorn Plantain; in sandy places.
--- maritima. Narrow-leaved Plantain; on sea shores.
--- media. Hoary Plantain; in meadows and pastures in a limestone soil.
Polygonum Bistorta. The greater Bistort, or Snake-weed; in dampish meadows.
Poa pratensis β alpinum. Alpine Meadow-grass; on the mountains.
Polypodium fragrans. Sweet Polypody; in damp chinks of stones.
Prenanthes muralis. Ivy-leaved Wild Lettuce; on walls and in shady woods.
Primula farinosa. Bird's-eye; in bogs on mountains.
Pulmonaria maritima. Sea Bugloss; on the sea shore near Whitehaven, plentifully.
Prunus Padus. Wild Cluster-Cherry, or Bird-Cherry; in woods and hedges.
Rhodiola Rosea. Rose-wort; on the mountains.
Ribes nigrum. Black Currants, or Squinancy Berries; in damp woods, and on banks of rivers.
Rubus Chamaemorus. Cloud Berries, or Knot Berries; in turfy bogs, on the mountains.
--- saxatilis. Stone Bramble; among stones at the sides of the mountains.
Rumex digynus. Round-leaved Mountain Sorrel; on the mountains.
Salicornia Europaea. Marsh Sampire; on sea shores.
Salix hermaphroditica. Shining Willow; in damp hedges: about Ashton.
Sambucus Ebulus. Dwarf Elder, or Dane Wort; in hedges, and by way sides.
Sanicula Europaea. Sanicle; in woods and woody places.
Sedum Telephium. Orpine, or Live-long; on walls, also in hedges.
Silene Amoena. Sea Campion; on sandy sea shores.
Solidago virgaurea. Golden Rod; in woods and hedges, also on heaths.
Statice armeria. Thrift, or sea Gilly-flower; in meadows, and on rocks near the sea.
Stratiotis Aloides. Water Aloe, Fresh Water Soldier; in marsh ditches.
Taxus baccata. Eugh Tree; on mountains.
Thlaspi alpestre. Perfoliate Bastard Cress; in the moist pastures in a limestone soil.
Thalictrum flavum. Meadow Rue; in damp meadows and pastures, and on the banks of rivers.
Tragopogon porrifolium. Purple Goat's-beard; in the felds about Carlisle and Rose castle.
Tremella utriculata. Bladder Tremella; in rivulets on the mountains.
Trientalis Europaea. Winter-green; in woods, and on turfy heaths.
Triglochin palustre. Arrow-headed Grass; in wet meadows and pastures.
--- maritimum. Sea Spiked Grass; in sea meadows.
Triticum junceum. Sea Wheat-grass; on sea shores.
Trollius europaeus. The Globe-flower; or Locker Gowlons; on the sides of mountains, and in hilly meadows.
Turritis hirsuta. Hairy Tower Mustard; on rocks, walls, and in stony places.
Vaccinium Myrtillus. Black Whorts, Whortle-berries, or Bill-berries; in woods, and on heaths.
--- oxycoccus. Cranberries, or Moss-berries; in turfy marshes.
--- uliginosum. The greater Bill-berry Bush; on mountains between Hexam and Penrith.
Viola hirta. Hairy Violet; in woody places and in hedges on a limestone soil.
Utricularia minor. Lesser Hooded Millfoil; in turfy bogs and ditches.
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