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Page 210:-
of Duncane earl of Murrayse, nephew and heir to the said Alanus as being son to Ethreda sister to his father Waldevus.
The foresaid William, son of Duncanus, espoused Alicia, daughter of Robert de Rumeney, lord of Skipton in Craven; which Robert had married a daughter of Meschines [i] lord of Coupland. This William had by this Alicia his wife, a son called Willliam de Egremond (who died under age), and three daughters. The eldest named Cicilia [k], being a ward, was married by king Henry to William le Gross earl of Albemarle, with the honour of Skipton for her dower. The second, named Amabilla, was married to Reginald de Luce, with the honour of Egremond by the same king Henry. And the third, named Alicia de Romelic, was married to Gilbert Pipard, with Aspatrike, and the barony of Allerdaleand the liberty of Cokermouth, by the said king Henry: and afterwards by the queen to Robert de Courteny; but she died without heirs of her body.
William le Gross earl of Albemarle, had by his wife Cicilia, Harwisia [l]; to whom succeeded William de Fortibus earle of Albemarle: to whom succeeded another William de Fortibus; to whom succeeded Avelina, who was espoused to lord Edmond brother to king Edward, and died without heirs, &c.
Reginald de Luce by Amabilla his wife had Alicia [m]. To Amabilla succeeded Lambert de Multon: To him succeeded Thomas Multon de Egremond. And to Alicia succeeded Thomas de Luce [n], to whom succeeded Thomas his son, who was succeeded by Anthony his brother.
[i] Willielmi de Meschins, MS. B.
[k] Seff. MS. B. and Silitia.
[l] Hatewisia.
[m] Richardum de Lucy, Amabillum and Aliciam.
[n] Quae sequuntur desunt MS. B.
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