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Division of Cumberland
An Account of the Division of Cumberland by William the Conqueror amongst his Followers [a]; taken out of two antient Latin Manuscripts in the Library of the Dean and Chapter of Carlisle; carefully collated by the Rev. Dr. Hugh Todd (who communicated it to Bishop Gibson.)

KING William, sirnamed the Bastard, duke of Normandy, Conqueror of England, gave all the lands of the county of Cumberland to Ranulphus de Meschines: and to Galfridus, brother to the said Ranulph, he gave the whole county of Chestre: and to William another brother he gave all the land of Coupland between Duden and Darwent.
Ranulphus de Meschines infeoffed Hubertus de Waux [b] in the barony of Gillesland; and Ranulphus his brother in Sowerby, Carlaton, and Hubbrightby. And Robert the third brother in the barony of Dalston. He infoeffed also Robert Destrivers in the barony of Burgh, and Richerus de Boyvile in the barony of Levington, and Odardus de Logis in the barony of Staynton. He infeoffed also Waldevus, son of Gospatricus earl of Dunbar in Scotland, in all the barony of Allerdale between Wathenpole and Darwent.
The aforesaid William de Meschines lord of Coupland, infeoffed Waldevus, son of Gospatricus, in all the land that lies between Cocar and Darwent, and also in these townships Brigham, Eglysfeld, Dene, Brainthwaite, and Grisothen: and the two Cliftons and Staneburne. He infeoffed also Odardus le Clerk in the fourth part of Crostwaite, pro custodia asturcorum suorum [c], i.e. for keeping his goshawkes.
Galfridus de Meschines earl of Chester, died without issue; and thereupon Ranulphus de Meschines became earl of Chestre; and surrendered to the king all the county of Cumberland, on this condition, that all those that held lands of him in fee should hold of the king in capite.
It is called Distributio Cumbriae ad Conquestum Angliae inter gentes. Sir William Dugdale calls it Chronicon Cumbriae; and so the lord William Howard has styled it one of the MSS. but it is a mistake; for that piece of antiquity, if it be extant, was of another nature, and written by Everardus abbot of Holme Cultram t. Hen. II. It was said to be in the library of sir Thomas Gower, bart. but upon search it could not be found. G. Everardus was the first abbot of Holm Cultram 1175, and died 1192, having written the lives of several northern saints. Dempster, v.479. Tanner, Bib. Brit. 271.
The foresaid Waldevus, son of earl Gospatricus, infeoffed Odardus de Logis in the barony of Wygton, Dondryt, Waverton, Blancogo, and Kirkbride: which Odardus de Logis founded the church of Wygton; and gave to Odardus, son of Liolfe, Tulentyre and Castlerige, with the forest between Caltre and Greta: and to the prior and convent of Gisburne he gave Appleton and Bricekirk, with the advowson of the church there. He gave also to Adam son of Liolfe, Uldendale and Gilcruce: and to Gemellus son of Brun, Bothill; and to Waldevus son of Gileminius, with Ethreda his sister, he gave Brogham, Ribton and Little Brogham , and Donwaldese and Bowaldese ad unam legiam, for a lodge or house for a ranger. He gave also to Ormus son of Ketellus Seton, Camberton, Flemingbi, Craiksothen, in marriage with Gurwelda his sister: and to Dolfinus son of Abwaldus with Matilda another sister he gave Appletwhaite and Little Crosby, Langrige and Brigham, with the advowson of the church there. He gave also to Melbeth his physician the town of Bromefeld; saving to himself the advowson of the church there.
Alanus, son and heir of the said Waldevus, gave to Ranulphus Lyndsey Blenerhasset and Ukmanby, with Ethereda his sister. To Uthrdeus, son of Fergus lord of Galloway, in marriage with Gurnelda [d] his own sister, he gave Torpenhow, with the advowson of the church there. He gave also to Catellus de Spenser [e] Threpeland, He gave also to Herbert the manor of Thuresby, for the third part of a township. He gave also to Gospatricus, son of Ormus, High Ireby, for the third part of a township. He gave also to Gamellus le Brun [f] Rughtwaite, for a third part of a township. He gave also to Radulphus Engaine Issael with the appurtenances; and Blencrake with the service of Newton. And the same Alanus had one bastard brother named Gospatricus, to whom he gave Boulton, Bastinthwaite and Esterholme. And to Odardus he gave Newton, with the appurtenances. And to his three huntsmen Sleth [g] and to his companions Hayton. To Uctredus he gave one carrucat of land in Aspatrike, on condition that he should be his summoner (summonitor) in Allerdale. He gave also to Delfinus six bovates or oxgangs of land in High Crosby, that he should be serviens d. regis, the king's serjeant in Allerdale. And to Simon de Shestelyngs he gave one moiety of Deram. And to Dilfinus, son of Gospatricus, the other mooiety. He gave also to Waldevus, son of Dolfinus, Brakanthwaite. And to the priory of St. Bega he gave Stainburne. And to the priory of Carliol he gave the body of Walddevus his son, with the holy cross, which they have yet in possession; and Crosby, with the advowson of the church there, with the service that Uctredus owed him; and also the advowson of the church of Aspatrike, with the service of Alanus de Brayton. He gave them also the advowson of the church of Ireby, with the suit and service of Waldevus de Langthwaite.
The same Alanus, son of Waldevus, gave to king Henry [h] the fields of the forest of Allerdale, with liberty to hunt whenever he should lodge at Holme Cultrane. To this Alanus succeeded William, son
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