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Gentleman's Magazine 1900 part 1 p.442
beneath, its chasm full fifty. Further on comes a number of pretty cascades, then you emerge from a water-hewn gallery on a level with the stream. As the pass widens, a belt of tough slaty rocks is approached, and down these the beck shoots. Not a bush grows near - we are at too high an elevation, and the view savours the desolation. Watery-green rocks pall; the succession of streams sliding almost noiselessly down long smooth surfaces becomes monotonous; ridge after ridge of stony fells gives a dreary impression, but just where the pass opens into the swampy moor is its redeeming feature. Threading along the course of the beck, we see a stream issuing from a crag-guarded ghyll, and on approach find that the stream fills it from bank to bank. A few stepping stones allow one to reach a place where some advance can be made along the foot of the cliffs. Then ford the stream at the shallow, and climb the jutting crag to the right. You are now in an amphitheatre of rocks. In front is the waterfall, its spray damping you through; almost beneath is the chink-like passage through which the water escapes. On either hand tall crags rise, all dripping with spray, and hung with luxuriant mosses. Here and there a fern, hart's tongue or similar slime-loving variety, find roothold; a huge fragment, torn down maybe by lightning, reclines precariously in a corner, ready, it seems, to fall and block up the pool. An active person can spring easily across the narrow gulf to the cliff over which the stream is pouring, and there find sufficient hold to climb out. But it allows of no mistakes. A fall into the well of the cascade is to be dreaded, as the unfortunate could only trust to the stream carrying him into the outflow passage; there is no handhold within reach by which a good position could be secured again. After this ghyll, not more than fifty yards in length has been explored, the tour is finished, and it cannot fail to have been a most pleasing one.
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