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Conishead Priory branch railway
civil parish:-   Egton with Newland (formerly Lancashire)
civil parish:-   Ulverston (formerly Lancashire)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   railway
SummaryText:-   from a junction west of Ulverston on the Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway, to Conishead Priory, Lancashire; AND various industrial branches.
references:-   image

evidence:-   old map:- OS County Series (Lan 16 4) 
placename:-  Bardsea Branch
source data:-   Maps, County Series maps of Great Britain, scales 6 and 25 inches to 1 mile, published by the Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire, from about 1863 to 1948.

Served an ironworks and Glaxo chemical plant.

person:-   railway company
 : Furness RailwayFR
date:-    to 1923

person:-   railway company
 : London, Midland and Scottish RailwayLMS
date:-   1923
 to 1948

person:-   railway company
 : British RailwaysBR
date:-   1948

goes through:-    Plumpton West Junction, Egton with Newland
 Canal Siding, Ulverston
 railway bridge, Ulverston (7)
 North Lonsdale Crossing, Ulverston
 Conishead Priory Station, Ulverston
1876: authorized -  

1883: opened -  

31.12.1916: closed, S of Lonsdale -  

disused: 1990 -  about 

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