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Lowick parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD2885
10Km square:-   SD28
10Km square:-   SD38
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 249 (1971)

SD29278663 Bark House Bridge, Lowick 
SD286840 Beacon Hill, Lowick 
SD28908463 Beacon Tarn, Lowick 
SD280842 Beacon, Lowick 
SD29358470 Beck Bottom, Lowick 
SD30178478 chapel, Spark Bridge 
SD26118333 Cocklakes, Lowick 
SD2987 Crake, River 
SD29368538 Esps Farm, Lowick 
SD26178429 Gawthwaite High Quarry, Lowick 
SD26758458 Gawthwaite Quarry, Lowick 
SD27128370 Groffa Cragg, Lowick 
SD27368317 Hawkswell, Lowick 
SD29468549 Hollin Well, Lowick 
SD29368635 Hundow Hall, Lowick 
SD27398436 Keldray, Lowick 
SD279862 Kendall Ground, Lowick 
SD27818381 Knapperthaw, Lowick 
SD26888432 Lakenhow Quarry, Lowick 
SD29108493 Leech Tarn, Lowick 
SD29278494 Little Tarn, Lowick 
SD28088543 Longholme Bridge, Lowick 
SD290860 Lowick 
SD28648407 Lowick Beacon, Lowick 
SD29358653 Lowick Bridge bridge, Lowick 
SD292865 Lowick Bridge, Lowick 
SD28898474 Lowick Common, Lowick 
SD29028605 Lowick Community Hall, Lowick 
SD279855 Lowick Green, Lowick 
SD28588598 Lowick Hall, Lowick L
SD26418379 Lowick High Common, Lowick 
SD28798563 Moss Cottage, Lowick 
SD28318539 post box, Lowick 
SD29018604 privy, Lowick 
SD29268650 Red Lion, Lowick 
SD28708469 Roerigg Tarn, Lowick 
SD29808530 spade forge, Lowick Green 
SD26128402 Tewet Hole Quarry, Lowick 
SD289860 war memorial, Lowick 
SD2683 Whins Beck 
SD282853 Wood Gate, Lowick 
SD28988606 St Luke, Lowick L
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