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Longsleddale: flood 18981101
civil parish:-   Longsleddale (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   flood
locality type:-   flood, 1898
locality type:-   rain storm
1Km square:-   NY4904 (etc) 
10Km square:-   NY40

evidence:-   newspaper:- 
item:-  flood, 1898rain
source data:-   Westmorland GazetteTranscription from the Westmorland Gazette, 5 November 1898, p.8 
Rain storm of Tuesday night Wednesday morning, 1-2 November.  "Great Flood on Wednesday"
"... At Dale End, Longsleddale, considerable damage has been done. A breast wall three roods long was demolished, also a quantity of fence walling. The beck was so full that it quite covered the bridge. The roads in Longsleddale were quite impassable; near the vicarage the river overflowed into the road and was still there on Thursday. Right up to the top of the valley fences and light bridges have been carried down, and much damage done. On the Flatts above Sadgill the stream was a big lake, whilst the effects of the ghylls down the hillsides was very fine."

evidence:-   text:- KendalRO : WDS70/1 school log book
source data:-   "School was not opened yesterday. The roads being in many places knee deep in water, neither children or I were able to cross. Most of the girls are very wet this morning, having had to pass through the water."

Watkins and Whyte 2008
: 1898
: 1898
: 1898

date:-   1.11.1898
 to 2.11.1898
period:-   19th century, late
period:-   1890s
event:-   flood, 1898

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