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Longsleddale parish
civil parish:-   Longsleddale (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4905
10Km square:-   NY40
10Km square:-   NY50
10Km square:-   SD59
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

As Longsleddale was our home parish we collected considerably more data about the places in it than in other parishes.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Long Sleddall
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Long Sleddall"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Longsleddall
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 76 (1971)

One inch of rain in a day, assuming it falls all over the valley, produces 4.261 x 10000 million cubic inches of water, that is 184 million gallons, which all has to get out under Garnett Bridge.

place:-   Longsleddale Constablewick

NY47110907 Adam Seat, Longsleddale 
NY49900549 Ancrow Brow, Longsleddale 
NY51080095 Barn, Longsleddale 
NY48620568 barn, Longsleddale (2) 
NY48140538 barn, Longsleddale (3) 
NY48860462 barn, Longsleddale (7) 
NY51030095 barn, Longsleddale (10) L
NY49930250 Beech Hill Wood, Longsleddale 
NY50060278 Beech Hill, Longsleddale 
NY47770780 bench mark, NY47770780 
NY47810758 bench mark, NY47810758 
NY47870745 bench mark, NY47870745 
NY48220657 bench mark, NY48220657 
NY48350567 bench mark, NY48350567 
NY49130472 bench mark, NY49130472 
NY49500376 bench mark, NY49500376 
NY50070290 bench mark, NY50070290 
NY50720181 bench mark, NY50720181 
NY51760013 bench mark, NY51760013 
NY51760172 bench mark, NY51760172 
NY49900184 bield, Longsleddale (4) 
NY4802 Black Beck 
NY4900 Black Beck (8) 
NY483027 Black Beck Enclosures, Longsleddale 
NY48850410 Black Crag, Longsleddale 
NY5106 Bleaberry Gill (2) 
NY4623309562 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Kentmere/etc 
NY45980931 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural 
NY4647809717 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (2) 
NY46930938 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (3) 
NY47110908 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (4) 
NY47730976 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (6) 
NY47760982 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (7) 
NY49100801 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (12) 
NY50620214 Bowers Wood house, Longsleddale gone
NY47820993 Branstree, Longsleddale 
NY51050098 Bridge End, Longsleddale L
NY50870148 bridge, Docker Nook 
NY50830143 bridge, Dockernook Gill 
NY50440217 bridge, Kilnstones 
NY49150539 bridge, Stockdale 
NY49150539 bridge, Stockdale (2) 
NY48600512 bridge, Tills Hole 
NY48950477 bridge, Toms Howe 
NY49010423 bridge, Underhill 
NY49250392 bridge, Wellfoot 
NY49390382 bridge, Wellfoot (2) 
NY4906 Brow Gill (2) 
NY47360755 Brown Crags, Longsleddale 
NY462081 Brown Howe, Longsleddale 
NY480088 Brownhowe Bottom, Longsleddale 
NY47640671 Cadottrell, Longsleddale 
NY4598809322 cairn, Longsleddale 
NY4629009615 cairn, Longsleddale (2) 
NY50700339 Capplebarrow Crag, Longsleddale 
NY50160280 Capplebarrow House, Longsleddale 
NY49980303 Chapel House, Longsleddale 
NY507023 charcoal pitstead, Bowers Wood 
NY495030 charcoal pitstead, Spring Wood 
NY48020775 Cleft Gill, Longsleddale 
NY48060402 Cocklaw Fell, Longsleddale 
NY50100292 Community Hall, Longsleddale 
NY50330255 Daleside, Longsleddale 
NY48080671 dam, Longsleddale 
NY50290144 Dockernook Crag, Longsleddale 
NY5001 Dockernook Gill 
NY50410153 Dockernook Wood, Longsleddale 
NY48610537 drain, Longsleddale 
NY50520215 drain, Longsleddale (2) 
NY47990634 Dun Crag, Longsleddale 
NY47950740 fence, Longsleddale 
NY47260794 fence, Longsleddale (2) 
NY49000337 Flew Scar, Longsleddale 
NY47980320 footbridge, Skeggleswater Dike 
NY48920445 footbridge, Underhill 
NY501020 fulling mill, Kilnstones gone
NY50040192 fulling mill, Kilnstones (2) 
NY483055 fulling mill, Sadgill 
NY491053 fulling mill, Stockdale gone
NY488044 fulling mill, Underhill House gone
NY495029 fulling mill, Wads Howe gone
NY506012? and NY504012 fulling mills, Docker Nook 
NY4806 Galeforth Gill 
NY48790479 gate, Longsleddale (2) 
NY49950277 gate, Longsleddale (3) 
NY48110505 geological site, Longsleddale 
NY4706 Goatcove, Longsleddale 
NY4909 Great Grain Gill 
NY48850626 Great Howe, Longsleddale 
NY48170766 Green Gill, Longsleddale 
NY49230767 Greycrag Tarn, Longsleddale 
NY50080781 Harrop Pike, Longsleddale 
NY459093 Harter Fell, Shap Rural 
 Haweswater Aqueduct 
NY49800322 hedge, Longsleddale 
NY49130473 High Barn, Longsleddale 
NY480077 High Crag, Longsleddale 
NY50720186 High House, Longsleddale L
NY49350504 Highbarn Wood, Longsleddale 
NY49180345 Hollinroot Wood, Longsleddale 
NY50490126 hydroelectric scheme, Docker Nook 
NY50180210 hydroelectric scheme, Kilnstones 
NY48950501 Island, Longsleddale 
NY46530779 Kentmere Pike, Kentmere 
NY4901 Kilnstones beck 
NY50140187 Kilnstones Wood, Longsleddale 
NY50200206 Kilnstones, Longsleddale L
NY458088 Knowe, Longsleddale 
NY48360744 Little Buckbarrow, Longsleddale 
NY46630919 Little Harter Fell, Longsleddale 
NY49690330 Little Wadshowe, Longsleddale 
NY49120538 Longsleddale Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Longsleddale 
NY4905 Longsleddale parish 
NY47950768 Low Crag, Longsleddale 
NY51240151 Low House Crag, Longsleddale 
NY51100150 Low House Wood, Longsleddale 
NY51160128 Low House, Longsleddale 
NY49530388 Low Swinklebank Cottage, Longsleddale 
NY49560386 Low Swinklebank, Longsleddale 
NY47941308 Mardale Tunnel, Shap Rural 
NY48170568 maze, Longsleddale 
NY50410650 Mere Crag, Fawcett Forest 
NY49450410 Middle Swinklebank, Longsleddale 
NY50580202 Nether Bower garage, Longsleddale 
NY50630206 Nether Bower, Longsleddale 
NY51030029 Nether House Wood, Longsleddale 
NY48160570 norway spruce trees, Longsleddale 
NY482018 Old Man, Longsleddale 
NY47590497 pass, Kentmere 
NY49180556 potash kiln, Stockdale 
NY51490074 privy, Murthwaite 
NY48240568 privy, Sadgill 
NY48630496 privy, Toms Howe 
NY49550317 privy, Wads Howe 
NY49290295 Quarry Cottage, Longsleddale 
NY47980901 quarry, Brownhowe 2 
NY48010893 quarry, Brownhowe 3 
NY48150897 quarry, Brownhowe 4 
NY47820448 quarry, Cocklaw Fell 
NY47890824 quarry, Longsleddale 
NY47700510 quarry, Stile End Path 
NY49280548 quarry, Stockdale 
NY494069 rain gauge, Longsleddale 
NY51160128 rain gauge, Longsleddale (2) 
NY49030533 rain gauge, Stockdale gone
NY5100 Ramslack Gill 
NY47320781 Raven Crag, Longsleddale 
NY47390644 Rough Crags, Longsleddale 
NY50590433 Russell Knott, Longsleddale 
NY49440411 Saddler's Croft, Longsleddale 
NY48010689 Sandbeds, Longsleddale 
NY47870832 sculpture, Longsleddale 
NY48200936 Selside Brow, Longsleddale 
NY47480785 Settle Earth, Longsleddale 
NY48270569 sheep feeder, Longsleddale 
NY48280570 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (2) 
NY49470385 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (3) 
NY49560363 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (4) 
NY51420070 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (5) 
NY51420071 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (6) 
NY51420072 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (7) 
NY51450065 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (8) 
NY51460062 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (9) 
NY51460070 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (10) 
NY49500387 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (11) 
NY510002 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (13) 
NY492038 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (14) 
NY49300420 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (15) 
NY50250070 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (17) 
NY50550143 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (18) 
NY51400056 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (19) 
NY47850881 sheepfold, Brownhowe Bottom 
NY47820847 sheepfold, Brownhowe Bottom (2) 
NY49290289 sheepfold, Longsleddale (1) 
NY47920734 sheepfold, Longsleddale (2) 
NY49970189 sheepfold, Longsleddale (3) 
NY49510083 sheepfold, Longsleddale (4) 
NY50150438 sheepfold, Longsleddale (5) 
NY50210432 sheepfold, Longsleddale (6) 
NY49150527 sheepfold, Longsleddale (7) 
NY51030065 sheepfold, Longsleddale (8) 
NY49130316 sheepfold, Longsleddale (9) 
NY47260621 Shipman Knotts, Longsleddale 
NY479032 Skeggleswater Dike 
NY49330705 Sleddale Fell, Longsleddale 
NY48620211 Sleddale Forest, Longsleddale 
NY4707 Snaky Gill 
NY47500748 Snow Cove, Longsleddale 
NY4707 Snowcove Gill 
NY49360347 Spring Cottage, Longsleddale 
NY49420311 Spring Wood, Longsleddale 
NY47380926 standing stone, Gatescarth 
NY51460074 Staple Bank, Longsleddale 
NY47430802 Steel Pike, Longsleddale 
NY47480825 Steel Rigg, Longsleddale 
NY47780492 stile, Longsleddale 
NY48910571 Stockdale Bank Quarry, Longsleddale 
NY48990501 Stockdale Bridge, Longsleddale 
NY49100530 Stockdale Cottage, Longsleddale 
NY482055 stone circle, Sadgill imagined
NY47900983 stone wall, Longsleddale 
SD51929985 stone wall, Longsleddale (2) 
NY51150071 stone wall, Longsleddale (3) 
NY51320060 stone wall, Longsleddale (4) 
NY51580011 stone wall, Longsleddale (5) 
NY48220665 stone wall, Longsleddale (6) 
NY48990513 stone wall, Longsleddale (8) 
NY51520018 stone wall, Longsleddale (9) 
NY48070502 stone wall, Sadgill 
NY48300621 stone wall, Sadgill (2) 
NY49930196 structure, Kilnstones 
NY50310420 structure, Longsleddale 
NY50130336 structure, Longsleddale (2) 
NY48950500 swimming hole, Longsleddale 
NY49370427 Swinkle House, Longsleddale 
NY49760466 Swinklebank Crag, Longsleddale 
NY49550453 Swinklebank Wood, Longsleddale 
NY49490412 Swinklebank, Longsleddale 
NY50800037 tarn, Longsleddale 
NY50700074 tarn, Tenter Howe 
NY51180071 Tenter Howe, Longsleddale 
NY4805 Tills Hole beck 
NY51050181 Todd Crag, Longsleddale 
NY51220205 Todd Fell, Longsleddale 
NY48630496 Toms Howe, Longsleddale 
NY4655307790 trig point, NY4655307790 
NY4780009970 trig point, NY4780009970 
NY50390261 Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale L
NY50390261 Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale: Ubarrow Hall Sausages 
NY48840420 Underhill Wood, Longsleddale 
NY49360347 Valley View, Longsleddale 
NY49540320 Wads Howe, Longsleddale 
NY50050288 war memorial, Longsleddale 
NY50760139 water gate, Longsleddale 
NY47840744 waterfall, Buckbarrow 
NY49890096 waterfall, Dockernook Gill 
NY47800822 waterfall, Sprint 
NY47740773 waterfall, Sprint (2) 
NY47740794 waterfall, Sprint (3) 
NY47750799 waterfall, Sprint (4) 
NY49200565 waterfall, Stockdale Beck 
NY492057 waterfall, Stockdale Beck (2) 
NY49180554 waterfall, Stockdale Beck (3) 
NY49140387 well, Wellfoot 
NY49100369 Wellfoot Wood, Longsleddale 
NY49200384 Wellfoot, Longsleddale 
NY48600534 Whirl Howe, Longsleddale 
NY50160280 Wood House, Longsleddale 
SD52109978 Woodlands, Longsleddale 
NY4608 Wren Gill 
NY474085 Wrengill Quarry tramroad 
NY48850461 Hill Cottage, Longsleddale 
NY48500512 Tills Hole, Longsleddale 
NY490061 Brock Crag, Longsleddale 
NY49100533 Stockdale, Longsleddale 
NY51800003 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Whitwell etc 
NY48080555 Sadgill Wood, Longsleddale 
NY47800764 Buckbarrow Well, Longsleddale 
NY50760355 Capplebarrow, Longsleddale 
NY47390927 Gatescarth Pass, Longsleddale 
NY48700659 Grey Crag, Longsleddale 
NY48320554 Sadgill Force, Longsleddale 
NY479034 Skeggles Water 
NY51630010 Dale End Bridge, Longsleddale L
NY50460131 Docker Nook, Longsleddale L
NY47340853 Wrengill Quarry, Longsleddale 
NY51490076 Murthwaite, Longsleddale 
NY48260581 High Sadgill, Longsleddale 
NY50070289 St Mary, Longsleddale 
NY51460030 Nether House, Longsleddale 
NY49450408 Swinklebank House, Longsleddale 
NY47660684 Goat Scar, Longsleddale 
NY48710662 Galeforth Spout, Longsleddale 
NY4806 Sprint, River 
NY48230564 Low Sadgill, Longsleddale L
NY48200550 Old Sadgill, Longsleddale 
 Gard Ends, Longsleddale once?
NY507023 Longsleddale Woods, Longsleddale 
NY50770206 Grubbings Wood, Longsleddale 
NY50850185 High House Wood, Longsleddale 
NY50610268 Ubarrow Wood, Longsleddale 
NY50720235 Bowers Wood, Longsleddale 
NY48720663 Galeforth Brow, Longsleddale 
NY48670772 Tarn Crag, Longsleddale 
 gates, Longsleddale 
NY50090287 post box, Longsleddale 
NY51060101 footbridge, Bridge End 
NY48160555 holly trees, Longsleddale 
NY48160528 ash tree, Longsleddale 
NY48370568 sycamore trees, Longsleddale 
NY48150587 sycamore tree, Longsleddale (2) 
NY48240574 Middle Sadgill, Longsleddale 
NY49750326 hedge, Longsleddale (2) 
NY49350412 stone wall, Longsleddale (10) 
NY48910523 stone wall, Longsleddale (7) 
NY50120280 Beech Hill Bridge, Longsleddale 
NY48230655 bridge, Galeforth Gill 
NY49660327 Wadshowe Bridge, Longsleddale 
NY51750017 Dale End, Longsleddale 
NY51750013 Winnows, Longsleddale 
NY50210209 barn, Longsleddale (8) 
NY50720181 barn, Longsleddale (11) 
NY49980303 barn, Longsleddale (5) 
NY48860453 Underhill House, Longsleddale 
NY47860830 bridge, Brownehowe Bottom 
NY48260753 Buckbarrow Crag, Longsleddale 
NY48630496 barn, Longsleddale (9) 
NY4805 Stockdale Beck 
NY49200550 limekiln, Stockdale 
NY49140542 limekiln, Stockdale (2) 
NY40 geological walk, Sadgill to Gatescarth 
NY48170549 larch trees, Longsleddale 
NY48790780 survey pillar, Longsleddale 
NY49010642 survey pillar, Longsleddale (2) 
NY49050614 survey pillar, Longsleddale (3) 
NY49360348 Hollin Root, Longsleddale 
NY49600344 Middale, Longsleddale 
NY49600357 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (12) 
NY48320569 Sadgill Bridge, Longsleddale L
NY49360428 High Swinklebank, Longsleddale 
NY48390576 bield, Longsleddale 
NY50080289 Longsleddale 
NY48260570 Sadgill, Longsleddale 
NY48500548 sheep feeder, Longsleddale (16) 
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