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Broughton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0731
10Km square:-   NY03
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1474 (1971)

SD198885 Bank End, Broughton 
NY07433126 Barn Cottage, Great Broughton 
NY07423127 Barn, Great Broughton 
NY07973129 Boat Hole, Broughton 
NY07523137 brewery, Great Broughton 
NY08003157 Broughton Baptist Church, Great Broughton 
NY0931 Broughton Beck 
NY08263174 Broughton Craggs, Little Broughton 
NY07903154 Broughton Grange, Little Broughton 
NY07653140 Broughton Hall, Great Broughton 
NY08163128 Broughton High Bridge, Broughton L
NY07363147 Broughton Methodist Church, Great Broughton 
NY06633032 Broughton Mill, Broughton gone
NY08823182 Broughtoncraggs Quarry, Papcastle 
NY0732 Carr Beck (2) 
NY07373151 chapel, Great Broughton 
NY07803181 Chapel, Little Broughton 
NY07823178 Chestnut House, Little Broughton 
NY07523168 Christ Church, Little Broughton 
 Cleator and Workington Junction Railway 
 Derwent branch railway 
NY07833174 Dog and Gun Inn, Little Broughton 
NY0530 Ennops Gill 
NY07383125 fingerpost, Great Broughton 
NY06813201 Great Broughton Station, Broughton 
NY07473130 Great Broughton, Broughton 
NY07393123 Great Broughton: West End, 17 L
NY07813174 Little Broughton, Broughton 
NY08253164 lodge, Broughton Craggs 
NY07503122 Nook, Great Broughton 
NY07553073 Old Bridge, Broughton gone
NY07503079 Oldbridge, Broughton L
NY09013181 Papcastle Quarry, Papcastle 
NY07403141 pinfold, Great Broughton 
NY07823182 pinfold, Little Broughton 
NY07833143 police house, Great Broughton 
NY09443248 Priests Bridge, Papcastle 
NY07683137 Punchbowl Inn, Great Broughton 
NY08123190 quaker burial ground, Little Broughton 
NY09353241 railway bridge, Broughton 
NY07423240 Rose Cottage, Broughton 
NY07363155 school, Great Broughton 
NY07403149 school, Great Broughton (2) 
NY07553128 Scott House, Great Broughton L
NY08133136 sheepfold, Broughton 
NY06073049 St Lawrence, Broughton 
NY06103110 Walkers Buildings, Broughton gone
NY07793175 Sundial, Little Broughton 
NY09053152 Broughton Beck Bridge, Papcastle 
NY05863205 Buckhill Colliery, Broughton 
NY0731 Welfare Field, Broughton 
NY07843175 Broughton Evangelical Church, Little Broughton 
NY2515 Derwent, River 
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