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Egton with Newland parish
Egton with Newland
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD3081
10Km square:-   SD28
10Km square:-   SD38
10Km square:-   SD27
10Km square:-   SD37
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   old map:- Cooke 1802
placename:-  Egton cum Newland
source data:-   Map, Lancashire, scale about 18 miles to 1 inch, by George Cooke, 1802, bound in Gray's New Book of Roads, 1824, published by Sherwood, Jones and Co, Paternoster Road, London, 1824.
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"Egton cum Newland"
blocks, italic lowercase text, village, hamlet, locality 
item:-  Hampshire Museums : FA2000.62.6
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 826 (1971)

SD29298072 Alpine Vale Blacking Mill, Egton with Newland 
SD29498059 Alps, Egton with Newland 
SD31118119 Arrad Bridge, Egton with Newland 
SD30738096 Arrad Foot, Egton with Newland 
SD29698133 Ash Plants, Egton with Newland 
SD32387979 Ashes Point, Egton with Newland 
SD29028163 Ben Crag, Egton with Newland 
SD29098136 Bencrag Mill, Egton with Newland 
SD29348039 Bottom Bridge, Egton with Newland 
SD29348107 Bowstead Gates, Egton with Newland 
SD29628013 bridge, Newland L
SD29288070 bridge, Newland (2) 
SD29927977 bridge, Newland (3) L
SD31008293 Britannia, Penny Bridge 
SD2882 Broughton Beck (2) 
SD303790 Causeway End, Egton with Newland 
 Conishead Priory branch railway 
SD304805 Crag, Egton with Newland 
SD30418503 Crake Mill, Spark Bridge gone
SD2987 Crake, River 
SD30228491 Farmer's Arms, Spark Bridge 
SD30688136 Gawith Field, Egton with Newland 
SD316795 Great Oath Hill, Egton with Newland 
SD31398247 Greenodd Brewery, Greenodd 
SD32178116 Greenodd Sands, Egton with Newland 
SD314824 Greenodd Station, Greenodd 
SD316825 Greenodd Viaduct, Greenodd 
SD31368257 Greenodd: Greenodd Village Bakery 
SD31388255 Greenodd: Hutchinson 
SD301825 High Farm, Egton with Newland 
SD29838348 High Scathwaite, Egton with Newland 
SD30528182 Hollin Hall, Egton with Newland 
SD31368254 Holme Bank, Greenodd 
SD30628136 house, Egton with Newland 
SD31388247 house, Greenodd 
SD31388251 house, Greenodd (2) L
SD28808129 Kiln Wood, Egton with Newland 
 Lakeside branch railway 
SD31487887 Leven Junction, Egton with Newland 
SD31468239 Levensford, Greenodd 
SD31398249 limekiln, Greenodd 
SD30648387 Little Dicks, Egton with Newland 
SD29598235 Low Scathaite, Egton with Newland 
SD31468190 milestone, Egton with Newland 
SD30718053 milestone, Egton with Newland (2) 
SD31228143 milestone, Egton with Newland (3) 
SD30527994 milestone, Egton with Newland (4) 
SD29708007 mill, Egton with Newland 
SD29887981 mill, Newland 
SD30017965 mill, Newland (2) 
SD30857867 mine, Plumpton 
SD319809 Nab Point, Egton with Newland 
SD28398360 Nettleslack, Egton with Newland 
SD3080 Newland Beck 
SD29678012 Newland Bottom Mill, Egton with Newland L
SD29488034 Newland Bottom, Egton with Newland 
SD30257973 Newland Bridge, Newland 
SD30197941 Newland Farm, Newland 
SD30007968 Newland House, Newland L
SD29967972 Newland ironworks, Newland L
SD30027966 Newland, Egton with Newland 
SD29727844 Next Ness Embankment, Egton with Newland 
SD30297866 Next Ness, Egton with Newland 
SD31018300 Oak Vale, Penny Bridge 
SD306840 Penny Bridge Ash, Penny Bridge 
SD30898385 Penny Bridge Furnace, Egton with Newland gone
SD30908328 Penny Bridge Hall, Egton with Newland 
SD309828 Penny Bridge, Egton with Newland 
SD31637819 Plumpton Bight, Leven Estuary 
SD313804 Plumpton Cottage Farm, Egton with Newland 
SD30797884 Plumpton East Junction, Egton with Newland 
SD31157888 Plumpton Gate, Egton with Newland gone
SD31287871 Plumpton Hall, Egton with Newland L
SD31197927 Plumpton North Junction, Egton with Newland 
SD31187844 Plumpton Quarries, Egton with Newland 
SD31267806 Plumpton Wells, Egton with Newland 
SD30757883 Plumpton West Junction, Egton with Newland 
SD31358262 police house, Greenodd 
SD30688387 post box, Egton with Newland 
SD31408253 post box, Greenodd 
SD31197929 railway bridge, Egton with Newland 
SD31057898 railway bridge, Egton with Newland (2) 
SD31137888 railway bridge, Egton with Newland (3) 
SD31527887 railway bridge, Egton with Newland (4) 
SD30217870 Railway Cottages, Next Ness 
SD30548492 Royal Oak, Spark Bridge 
SD31188261 school, Greenodd 
SD30918255 school, Penny Bridge 
SD31458230 Sheriff Well Quarry, Greenodd 
SD31438227 Sheriff Well, Greenodd 
SD31408247 Ship Inn, Greenodd 
SD30688240 Smithy Green, Egton with Newland 
SD30628489 Spark Bridge 
SD30648482 Spark Bridge Village Hall, Spark Bridge 
SD30668489 Spark Bridge, Spark Bridge 
SD29228392 Stainton Gap, Egton with Newland 
SD30228399 Summer Hill, Egton with Newland L
SD30438460 Thurston Ville, Egton with Newland 
SD30988314 toll gate, Penny Bridge 
SD30178177 Toppin Rays, Egton with Newland 
SD31927868 Tridley Point, Egton with Newland 
SD31368258 Vernon House, Greenodd 
SD31318263 village hall, Greenodd 
SD29907977 weir, Newland 
SD30778335 Wellbank Cottage, Penny Bridge 
SD31917874 wind pressure gauge, Leven Viaduct gone
SD31038260 St Mary, Egton with Newland 
SD31927871 Leven Viaduct, Egton with Newland 
SD31388254 Greenodd 
 Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway 
SD3483 Leven, River 
SD31767875 coast, Plumpton 
SD31018329 Penny Bridge, Penny Bridge L
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