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Hartley parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7908
10Km square:-   NY71
10Km square:-   NY70
10Km square:-   NY80
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Hartley
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 125 (1971)

place:-   Hartley Constablewick

NY78280952 barn, Hartley 
NY78280822 barn, Hartley (2) L
NY77701042 Beckwadem Bridge, Winton 
NY78400843 Beech House, Hartley 
NY8008 Birkett Beck 
NY80080770 Birkett Hill, Hartley 
NY79510833 Birkett Lane, Hartley 
NY77700801 Bollam Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY78441034 boundary stone, Hartley/Winton L
NY78260825 Castle Hill, Hartley 
NY78480773 Castle Park, Hartley 
NY78000906 Coffin Bridge, Hartley 
NY78290884 Coldstream House, Hartley L
NY78350921 Common Lane, Hartley 
NY79880985 Cote Garth, Hartley 
NY78290867 Croft House, Hartley 
NY812050 Dukerdale Pots, Nateby 
NY810060 Dukerdale, Hartley 
NY77640971 Eden Place, Hartley 
NY78510725 Ewbank Scar, Hartley 
NY8106 Faraday Gill 
NY79910819 Fell House, Hartley 
NY78270886 Glenwood, Hartley L
NY81160772 Greyrigg Fold, Hartley 
NY81360739 Greyrigg Pits, Hartley 
NY78310881 Hartley 
NY7908 Hartley Beck 
NY80060788 Hartley Birkett, Hartley 
NY78250820 Hartley Castle, Hartley L out of sight
NY810070 Hartley Fell, Hartley 
NY78260899 Hartley Fold House, Hartley L
NY78190908 Hartley Fold, Hartley 
NY77950881 Hartley Hill, Hartley 
NY78280945 Hartley Lane, Hartley 
NY787084 Hartley Quarries, Hartley 
NY80290816 Hartley Smelt Mill, Hartley gone?
NY78250907 Hartley: David Semple 
NY78600852 Hellgill Howe, Hartley 
NY81060778 High Greyrigg, Hartley 
NY80020954 High Longrigg Wells, Hartley 
NY79880919 High Longrigg, Hartley 
NY79280759 High Out Wood, Hartley 
NY78020889 Hills, Hartley 
NY77510985 Home Farm, Hartley 
NY78250823 house, Hartley L
NY822054 Jack Standards, Hartley 
NY78020998 Kirkbank Lane, Hartley 
NY77290972 Kirkby Stephen Flow Measurement Station, Kirkby Stephen 
NY79230843 Kitty Bottom, Hartley gone
NY7850 Ladthwaite Beck 
NY79530702 Ladthwaite Bottom, Hartley 
NY79640682 Ladthwaite, Hartley 
NY79930848 Lakah, Hartley 
NY78280879 Larches, Hartley L
NY79470874 limekiln, Hartley 
NY78360823 lineside hut, Hartley 
NY80270857 Little Longrigg Scar, Hartley 
NY80360850 Little Longrigg, Hartley 
NY80220922 Long Rigg, Hartley 
NY81000808 Lord's Stone, Hartley L
NY81500750 Low Greenside, Hartley 
NY80780747 Low Greyrigg, Hartley 
NY79420882 Low Longrigg, Hartley 
NY79260810 Low Out Wood, Hartley 
NY77530905 Lowmill Bridge, Kirkby Stephen L
NY7808 Merry Gill Beck gone?
NY78410830 Merrygill Viaduct, Hartley L
NY81050778 Middle Greyrigg, Hartley 
NY7810 Mill Beck (9) 
NY78370843 mill, Hartley 
NY77840945 Mires, Hartley 
NY78110777 Moses Ground, Hartley 
NY78320876 Murton Holme, Hartley L
NY789095 New Close Springs, Hartley 
NY79280949 New Close, Hartley 
NY79000958 Newclose Springs, Hartley 
NY82520616 Nine Standards Rigg, Hartley 
NY82490655 Nine Standards, Hartley L
NY78600809 Park Hill, Hartley 
NY78270828 peel, Hartley Castle 
NY78280892 pinfold, Hartley L
NY7808 Pod Gill 
NY78020819 Podgill Hole, Hartley 
NY78130787 Podgill Viaduct, Hartley L
NY78480940 Ponder Hill, Hartley 
NY78300871 post box, Hartley 
NY78280810 railway bridge, Hartley 
NY78050773 railway bridge, Nateby (5) 
NY78091030 Raines, Hartley 
NY8006 Rigg Beck (2) 
NY79840705 Riggs, Hartley 
NY824058 Rollinson Haggs, Hartley 
NY78510907 Sellerns Well, Hartley 
NY78720913 Sellerns, Hartley 
NY78360823 signal box, Hartley 
NY781600981 Slack Gap Lane, Hartley 
 South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway 
NY79780991 Stainbank, Hartley 
NY78431033 stone, Winton 
NY82450641 topograph, Nine Standards Rigg 
NY8254306108 trig point, NY8254306108 
NY78280896 West View, Hartley L
NY838047 Westmorland: threapland 8 
NY820046 Westmorland: threapland 9 
NY7809 Whingill Sike 
NY78800964 Whingill, Hartley 
NY82880531 White Mossy Hill, Hartley 
NY80300800 Hartley Mines, Hartley 
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