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placename:- Helbeck parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- NY8017
10Km square:- NY82
10Km square:- NY71, NY81
parish code:- HLBC
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY8017

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

placename:- Helbeck
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670

in Westmoreland / The Hundred of Bottome of Westmoreland
Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

placename:- Hellbecke
date:- 1670
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

barn, Helbeck
Connypot Beck
Double Scar, Helbeck
fish pond, Helbeck Hall
Fox Tower, Helbeck
Goal Sike
Hanging Seal, Warcop
Helbeck Farm, Helbeck
Helbeck Fell, Helbeck
Helbeck Grange, Helbeck
Helbeck Hall, Helbeck
Helbeck Intake, Helbeck
Helbeck Wood, Helbeck
house, Helbeck
Leacet Colliery, Helbeck
Mount Ida, Helbeck
NY81: earthquake 19730603 0903
Pattinson's Allotment, Helbeck
Peatmoor Sike
quarry, Helbeck
Seavy Rigg, Helbeck
St Mary's Well, Helbeck
stepping stones, Helbeck
Swindale Beck (3)
Tarn Gill (2)
Tarn House, Helbeck
Thornthwaite, Helbeck

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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