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Hethersgill parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4667
10Km square:-   NY47
10Km square:-   NY46
10Km square:-   NY56
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 344 (1971)

NY47186602 Anguswell, Hethersgill L
NY44106772 Appleby House, Hethersgill 
NY47226705 Ash, Hethersgill 
NY47776715 Black Lion, Hethersgill 
NY48686982 Bolton Fell peat railway 
NY48986891 Bolton Fell, Hethersgill 
NY47516870 Boltonfellend, Hethersgill 
NY44686904 Brackenhillrigg, Hethersgill 
NY48176679 Burnside, Hethersgill 
NY46516681 Chapel House, Ullermire 
NY46506682 chapel, Ullermire 
NY43636715 Cleugh Head, Kirklinton once
NY44346816 Cleugh Side, Hethersgill 
NY43526887 Clinty Ford, Hethersgill 
NY49236754 Cocklet Hill, Hethersgill 
NY44086886 Coldwell Wood, Hethersgill 
NY47736714 Croft, Hethersgill L
NY46286671 Dam Cottage, Hethersgill 
NY48946777 Dene House, Hethersgill 
NY43956774 Dike Head, Hethersgill once
NY437672 dovecote, Kirklinton 
NY44506921 Espy Holme, Hethersgill 
NY435670 eyecatcher, Kirklinton 
NY47836719 fingerpost, Hethersgill 
NY50376760 Flosh Bridge, Walton 
NY50196737 Flosh, Hethersgill 
NY48286724 Grain Cottage, Hethersgill 
NY48556730 Grainbrow, Hethersgill 
NY48636713 Grainhead, Hethersgill 
NY47186787 Hall Hills, Hethersgill 
NY46136655 Hallfoot Mill, Hethersgill 
NY46726776 Hallfoot, Hethersgill 
NY46746754 Hallside, Hethersgill 
NY48456725 Heathgrove, Hethersgill 
NY45816758 Henry's Hill, Hethersgill 
NY4967 Hether Burn 
NY46046660 Hetherbank, Hethersgill 
NY47826718 Hethersgill 
NY47936717 Hethersgill Parish Hall, Hethersgill 
NY47836721 Hethersgill Wesleyan Church, Hethersgill 
NY46986920 High Dubwath, Hethersgill 
NY47836717 High Gate, Hethersgill supposed
NY46816695 High Ullermire, Shawfoot L
NY47096563 Hill House, Hethersgill 
NY45256643 Hill, Hethersgill once
NY44276873 Hilltop, Hethersgill gone
NY47076630 Holeshields, Hethersgill 
NY46686547 Horsegills, Hethersgill 
NY47646712 house, Hethersgill 
NY47606881 Howard House, Hethersgill 
NY47826594 Howford Bridge, Hethersgill 
NY43286711 hydrant plate, Kirklinton 
NY43556739 Kirklinton Hall, Hethersgill L
NY45256670 Kirklinton Park Lodge, Hethersgill L
NY45036656 Kirklinton Park, Hethersgill L out of sight
NY45886949 Kitty Strait, Hethersgill gone?
NY5068 Leaps Flosh 
NY47526876 Lodge Hill, Hethersgill 
NY44536819 Longcleughside, Hethersgill 
NY47236701 Lonning Park, Hethersgill 
NY46516877 Mid Dubwath, Hethersgill 
NY45136933 Mill Holes, Hethersgill 
NY43656738 mill, Kirklinton once
NY47726815 Mossedge, Hethersgill 
NY47756669 Mount Pleasant, Hethersgill 
NY43986886 Muckle Linn, Hethersgill 
NY46706654 Mud Cottage, Hethersgill gone
NY46466685 Nether House, Ullermire 
NY46946702 Nether Onset, Shawfoot 
NY46756695 Old School House, Shawfoot 
NY47596892 Pointer Dog Inn, Stapleton 
NY45676825 Prior House, Hethersgill 
NY46176825 Prior Rigg, Hethersgill 
NY46316820 Prior Rigg, Hethersgill (2) 
NY45756803 Prioriggburn, Hethersgill gone
NY46686637 Quarry Lodge, Hethersgill 
NY46436642 quarry, Hethersgill 
NY46726629 Quarrybrow, Hethersgill L
NY46786726 Riggfoot House, Hethersgill L out of sight
NY44446685 Rigghead, Hethersgill L
NY47746730 Rigghead, Hethersgill (2) 
NY49316745 Rising Sun, Hethersgill once
NY46296752 Sailhill, Hethersgill once
NY48126818 Sharp's Close, Hethersgill 
NY46656694 Shawfoot, Hethersgill 
NY43636867 Shielgreen, Hethersgill 
NY44586653 Sikeside, Hethersgill L
NY48026793 Slackheads, Hethersgill 
NY47456857 Solway View, Hethersgill 
NY45196976 Southward Ford, Hethersgill 
NY45186972 Southwardford, Hethersgill gone
NY46506979 Spirling Holme, Hethersgill 
NY46466996 Spirlingholme, Hethersgill gone
NY46106584 Square, Hethersgill 
NY47856711 St Mary, Hethersgill 
NY43236840 Stag Ford, Hethersgill 
NY46146764 Stanley House, Hethersgill 
NY45236600 Stoneflatts, Hethersgill 
NY48736790 Swang Cottage, Hethersgill gone?
NY47846786 Sykehead, Hethersgill 
NY46496680 Ullermire, Hethersgill 
NY44116719 Uppertown, Hethersgill 
NY43276707 Vicarage, Kirklinton L
NY43276709 village hall, Kirklinton L
NY45576921 Waingatehead, Hethersgill 
NY47826711 war memorial, Hethersgill 
NY49436798 Yad Hill, Hethersgill gone?
NY44616649 meeting house, Sikeside L
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