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placename:- Langwathby parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY5632
10Km square:- NY53, NY63
10Km square:- NY52
parish code:- LNGW
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY5632

source:- Census 1971

population:- 621 -- 1971

Appleside Hill, Langwathby
Barbary Plains, Langwathby
Bird House, Langwathby
boundary stone, Langwathby
boundary stone, Langwathby/Penrith
boundary stone, Langwathby/Penrith (2)
bridge, Langwathby
Briggle Beck (2)
Briggle Bridge, Langwathby
chapel, Langwathby
Coatsgill Cott, Langwathby
cross, Edenhall
Crostway, Edenhall
Dolphenby, Langwathby
Eamont, River
Eden Bank, Langwathby
Eden Hall, Edenhall
Eden, River
Edenhall Cottage, Langwathby
Edenhall Farm, Edenhall
Edenhall Grange, Langwathby
Edenhall, Langwathby
Edenview, Langwathby
fence, Edenhall
fingerpost, Langwathby
fingerpost, Langwathby (2)
Giant's Caves, Langwathby
Gibbet Hill, Langwathby
Greenlands, Langwathby
Hazel Dub, Langwathby
High Barn, Langwathby
High Farm, Langwathby
Highbarn Cottage, Langwathby
Home Farm, Langwathby
Honeypot, Langwathby
Hydepark, Langwathby
hydrant plate, Edenhall
hydrant plate, Edenhall (2)
hydrant plate, Langwathby
icehouse, Eden Hall
Ivy Cottage, Edenhall
Langley House, Langwathby
Langwathby Bridge, Langwathby
Langwathby Hall, Langwathby
Langwathby Moor, Langwathby
Langwathby Station, Langwathby
Limes, Edenhall
Liquorice Sike
Luham, Langwathby
Maiden's Step, Langwathby
memorial, Edenhall
milestone, Langwathby
milestone, Langwathby (2)
milestone, Langwathby (3)
milestone, Langwathby (4)
Old School House, Edenhall
Old School, Langwathby
Old Vicarage, Edenhall
Pheasantries, Edenhall
Pheasantries, Langwathby
pillbox, Langwathby
pinfold, Edenhall
railway bridge, Langwathby
railway bridge, Langwathby (2)
railway bridge, Langwathby (3)
railway milepost, Langwathby
ring of bells, Edenhall
road, Penrith to Alston
road, Temple Sowerby to Langwathby
road, through Great Salkeld
Scaws Gill
Scawsgill Spring, Langwathby
Sceugh, Langwathby
Settle and Carlisle Railway
Shadow Burgh, Langwathby
Shepherds Inn, Langwathby
Slatequarry Wood, Langwathby
South Rising, Langwathby
Sowyersteps Bridge, Langwathby
St Cuthbert, Edenhall
St Cuthbert's Well, Edenhall
St Peter, Langwathby
Station Signal Box, Langwathby
stone wall, Langwathby
summer house, Langwathby
sundial, Eden Hall
Tea Rose Cottage, Edenhall
telephone box, Langwathby
toll gate, Langwathby
Ud Ford, Langwathby
Udford, Langwathby
war memorial, Edenhall
war memorial, Langwathby
waterworks sign, Edenhall
West Lodge, Langwathby
Whins Pond, Langwathby
Whinsfield, Langwathby
White House, Langwathby
Woodhead, Langwathby

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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