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Lower Allithwaite parish
Lower Allithwaite
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD3578
10Km square:-   SD38
10Km square:-   SD37
10Km square:-   SD47
10Km square:-   SD46
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1460 (1971)

SD38497605 Allithwaite Brewery, Allithwaite 
SD38367618 Allithwaite Lodge, Allithwaite L out of sight
SD38687655 Allithwaite Sawmill, Allithwaite 
SD38697654 Allithwaite, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37377635 Applebury Hill Farm, Lower Allithwaite 
SD33277841 Barker Scar, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38097866 Barn Garth Cottage, Cartmel L
SD38317621 Barn Hey Cottage, Allithwaite L
SD38327622 Barn Hey Farm, Allithwaite L
SD37408052 Beck Side, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37288052 Beckside Cottage, Beck Side L
SD37398047 Beckside Farm, Beck Side L
SD37428051 Beckside House Farm, Beck Side L
SD37448048 Beckside House, Beck Side 
SD37288052 bee boles, Lower Allithwaite (2) L
SD36717910 bee boles, Orchard Rise L out of sight
SD376771 Birkby Hall, Lower Allithwaite 
SD32867701 Black Scars, Morecambe Bay 
SD37907876 Bluebell House, Cartmel L
SD38017672 Boarbank Farm, Lower Allithwaite L
SD37857653 Boarbank Hall, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37847885 Brook House, Cartmel L
SD36087986 Burns Farm, Lower Allithwaite 
SD33347810 Capeshead Cave, Lower Allithwaite 
SD33857732 Capeshead Embankment, Lower Allithwaite 
SD374745 Cark Airfield, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38157871 Cartmel CofE Primary School, Cartmel 
SD37777928 Cartmel Grammar School, Cartmel L
SD37897872 Cartmel Methodist Church, Cartmel 
SD37827879 Cartmel Priory Gatehouse, Cartmel L
SD376790 Cartmel Race Course, Cartmel 
SD37797877 Cartmel Village Shop, Cartmel L
SD37927873 Cartmel: Cartmel Cheeses and Bakehouse 
SD37847883 Cartmel: Cavendish Street 
SD37847884 Cartmel: Cavendish Street, 21 L
SD37827877 Cartmel: Gatehouse Bookshop L
SD37827875 Cartmel: Martins Bank L
SD37807885 Cartmel: Park View, 5 L
SD37897875 Cartmel: Rogan and Co L
SD37847881 Cartmel: Simon Starkie Antiques 
SD37927878 Cartmel: Ye Priory Shoppe L
SD37847882 Cavendish Arms, Cartmel L
SD37837880 Cavendish Cottage, Cartmel L
SD32127587 Chapel Island, Morecambe Bay 
SD32117590 chapel, Chapel Island 
SD37877887 Chestnut Cottage, Cartmel 
SD37897877 Church Bridge, Cartmel L
SD37837878 Church Town House, Cartmel L
SD38657678 Church View, Allithwaite 
SD3878 Clogger Beck 
SD37937855 Cornbrook, Cartmel 
SD37867887 Corner Cottage, Cartmel L
SD37927881 Corner House, Cartmel L out of sight
SD38327802 Crabtree Well, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37977875 cross, Cartmel 
SD37917876 Devonshire House, Cartmel L
SD37847881 drain, Cartmel 
SD38107876 drain, Cartmel (2) 
SD37937878 drain, Cartmel (3) 
SD373738 East Plain Farm, Lower Allithwaite 
SD3778 Eea, River 
SD354796 Ellerside Breast Plantation, Lower Allithwaite 
SD355787 Ellerside Farm, Lower Allithwaite 
SD35098006 Ellerside Moss, Lower Allithwaite 
SD35518012 Ellerside, Lower Allithwaite 
SD31977521 Elwood Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD37877897 Fairfield, Cartmel L
SD38087878 Field Beck, Cartmel L
SD37857874 Ford House, Cartmel L
SD33827977 Frith Fall, Lower Allithwaite 
SD33827976 Frith Hall, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37587962 Garret House, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38087871 Garth House, Cartmel L
SD37837879 Gatehouse Cottage, Cartmel L
SD42047793 Great Crag, Kent Estuary 
SD36937661 Green, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37998030 Greenbank, Green Bank L
SD38107883 Greencroft, Cartmel L
SD382789 Greenfield House, Lower Allithwaite 
SD387764 Guide over Sands, Allithwaite 
SD38957815 Haggs Quarry, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37257969 Hard Crag, Lower Allithwaite L
SD37918029 Harrisons Farm, Green Bank L
SD38107881 Hazeldene, Cartmel L
SD379783 Headless Cross, Cartmel L
SD36747796 High Bank Side, Lower Allithwaite L
SD391778 High Fell Gate, Lower Allithwaite 
SD33768060 High Frith, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37228137 High Gateside Farm, Lower Allithwaite 
SD36717924 Hill Farm House, Lower Allithwaite L
SD36687925 Hill Farm, Lower Allithwaite 
SD3678 Hill Mill Brook 
SD36647905 Hill Mill, Lower Allithwaite gone
SD36617908 Hill, Lower Allithwaite 
SD376752 Holme, Lower Allithwaite 
SD39027391 Holy Well, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37717935 house, Cartmel 
SD37847875 house, Cartmel (2) L
SD37847886 house, Cartmel (3) 
SD36127902 Howbarrow, Lower Allithwaite L
SD39227328 Humphrey Head Point, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37297929 Kennels, Lower Allithwaite 
SD4276 Kent Channel 
SD37877876 Kings Arms, Cartmel L
SD39097566 Kirkhead Cave, Kirkhead 
SD39277563 Kirkhead Summer House, Kirkhead L
SD39337548 Kirkhead, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38147869 Kirstead, Cartmel L
SD34867751 Lady Grey's Seat, Holker 
SD37058066 Lane Head Farm, Lower Allithwaite L
SD37418055 limekiln, Beck Side 
SD37657732 limekiln, Lower Allithwaite L
SD39217570 limekiln, Lower Allithwaite (2) L
SD38877494 limekiln, Lower Allithwaite (3) L
SD33967944 limekiln, Lower Allithwaite (4) L
SD39087685 limekiln, Lower Allithwaite (5) 
SD42147777 Little Crag, Kent Estuary 
SD37797881 lockup, Cartmel L
SD42027809 Long Crag, Kent Estuary 
SD339796 Low Frith, Lower Allithwaite 
SD377779 Lower Birkby, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37817879 Market Cross Cottage, Cartmel L
SD37817877 market cross, Cartmel L
SD37477741 Middle Birkby Farm, Lower Allithwaite L
SD31597543 Middle Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD3779 Middlefield Beck 
SD38977612 milestone, Lower Allithwaite 
SD36517911 Milldam, Lower Allithwaite 
SD362787 Mount Barnard, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37837875 Old Bank House, Cartmel L
SD37807876 Old Barn Cottage, Cartmel L
SD37847882 Old Eating House, Cartmel 
SD34037761 Old Park Limekiln, Lower Allithwaite 
SD338780 Old Park Wood, Lower Allithwaite 
SD340782 Old Park, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38117881 Old Police Station, Cartmel 
SD36507587 Old Post Office, Flookborough 
SD38127872 Old School House, Cartmel 
SD37877887 Old Smithy, Cartmel L
SD36707908 Orchard Rise, Lower Allithwaite L
SD383741 Out Marsh, Lower Allithwaite 
SD377759 Outerthwaite, Lower Allithwaite 
SD36768048 Over Ridge, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37797878 Park Beck Cottage, Cartmel L
SD37787879 Park House, Cartmel L
SD37787881 Parkside House, Cartmel L
SD39017376 Pedder memorial, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37857868 Penny Bridge, Cartmel 
SD38067883 Pepper Bridge, Cartmel 
SD38127860 Pig and Whistle, Cartmel 
SD38057866 pinfold, Cartmel 
SD385788 Pit Farm, Lower Allithwaite 
SD31637819 Plumpton Bight, Leven Estuary 
SD38307858 police station, Cartmel 
SD37428047 post box, Beck Side 
SD38107869 post box, Cartmel 
SD38847841 post box, Lower Allithwaite 
SD36807719 Priest Bridge, Lower Holker L
SD37947881 Priory Close Cottage, Cartmel L
SD37927879 Priory Close House, Cartmel L
SD37817876 Priory Guesthouse, Cartmel L
SD37857878 Priory Hotel, Cartmel L
SD37967883 Priory House, Cartmel L
SD37247967 privy, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37817877 pump, Cartmel L
SD38147862 pump, Cartmel (2) L
SD38897504 railway bridge, Lower Allithwaite 
SD369766 Rosthwaite, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38577409 Rougholme Point, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37857875 Royal Oak, Cartmel L
SD38607681 school, Allithwaite L
SD37817877 seat, Cartmel 
SD372784 Seven Acres, Lower Allithwaite 
SD3481 Skelwith Pool 
SD38027612 South Lodge, Lower Allithwaite 
SD36118121 Speel Bank hill, Lower Allithwaite 
SD36108079 Speel Bank, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38567678 St Mary, Allithwaite L
SD346814 Stribers Moss, Lower Allithwaite 
SD352812 Stribers, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37917887 summer house, Cartmel L
SD37807877 telephone box, Cartmel L
SD380769 Templand, Allithwaite 
SD37807884 Thimble Hill, Cartmel L
SD37837880 Tower House, Cartmel 
SD37917872 Unsworth's Yard Brewery, Cartmel 
SD392789 viewpoint, Hampsfell 
SD37927875 Village Institute, Cartmel L
SD371800 Wall Nook, Lower Allithwaite 
SD36857885 Walton Hall, Lower Allithwaite 
SD37957878 war memorial, Cartmel 
SD37267923 Wellknowe, Lower Allithwaite L
SD37807879 Wharton House, Cartmel L
SD37917888 Wheelhouse Bridge, Cartmel 
SD34558037 White Moss, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38187533 Wraysholme Crossing, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38167533 Wraysholme Halt, Lower Allithwaite gone
SD38337544 Wraysholme Tower, Lower Allithwaite L
SD39007495 Wyke Farm, Lower Allithwaite 
SD38097880 Yew Tree Cottage, Cartmel L
SD39117425 Humphrey Head, Lower Allithwaite 
SD31927871 Leven Viaduct, Egton with Newland 
 Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway 
SD37406840 Morecambe Bay 
SD4377 Kent Estuary 
SD3483 Leven, River 
SD33237651 Cartmel Sands, Morecambe Bay 
SD383786 meeting house, Cartmel 
SD38677659 Allithwaite: Allithwaite Co-op 
SD37837876 Cartmel 
SD37967879 Cartmel Priory, Cartmel L
SD37997836 milestone, Cartmel (2) L
SD37977865 milestone, Cartmel L
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