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Mansergh parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD6084
10Km square:-   SD58
10Km square:-   SD68
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

BXU80.jpg  Winter tree,
(taken 10.2.2013)  

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Mansor in the parish of Kirkby Lonsdale
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Mansor in the parish of Kirkby Lonsdale"

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 93 (1971)

place:-   Mansergh Constablewick

SD60748378 Balcony Barn, Mansergh 
SD60788307 Bank Barn, Mansergh 
SD60818297 Bank Hill, Mansergh 
SD59648342 Beck Head, Mansergh 
SD59388469 Birkrigg Hill, Mansergh 
SD60468293 Birks, Mansergh 
SD61018401 Black Brow, Mansergh 
SD61168451 Blackbrow Wood, Mansergh 
SD5883 Blea Beck (3) 
SD58978365 Bleabeck Bridge, Mansergh 
SD59338376 Blease Hill, Mansergh 
SD61048529 Carfoot Lodge, Mansergh 
SD61628547 Carradus Wood, Mansergh 
SD60508195 Chapel Hill, Mansergh 
SD60428215 Chapel Lane, Mansergh 
SD59588276 Durham Ox Stable, Old Town 
SD59588281 Durham Ox, Old Town L
SD61098631 Egholme Farm, Mansergh 
SD60358608 Egholme Peat Moss, Mansergh 
SD61048609 Egholme, Mansergh 
SD60158378 Fell Lane, Mansergh 
SD61648363 ferry, Middleton 
SD61048302 Fleshbeck Wood, Mansergh 
SD61078342 Fleshbeck, Mansergh L
SD61188232 ford, Barbon 
SD61508349 ford, Middleton 
SD61458629 Gill Foot, Mansergh 
SD59598308 Greenbank, Old Town 
SD61888590 Hawking Ford, Middleton 
SD59758256 Hawkrigg, Mansergh 
SD58908279 Hazel Rigg, Mansergh 
SD60678634 Heights, Mansergh 
SD60468251 High Barn, Mansergh 
SD60388298 Hollins, Mansergh 
SD61288381 Holme House, Mansergh 
SD61078258 Holme, Mansergh 
SD60348538 Kitmere, Mansergh 
SD59568292 Larches, Old Town 
SD604826 Mansergh 
SD60078559 Mansergh Common, Mansergh 
SD60628173 Mansergh Hall, Mansergh 
SD60168339 Mansergh High Lane, Mansergh 
SD60348364 Mansergh High, Mansergh 
SD59568298 milestone, Mansergh L
SD59828140 milestone, Mansergh (2) 
SD60908422 Millhome Bank, Mansergh 
SD60628334 Mires, Mansergh 
SD59628335 Mireside, Mansergh 
SD60668270 Nether Hall Wood, Mansergh 
SD60728247 Nether Hall, Mansergh 
SD59598290 Old Town, Mansergh 
SD60728509 Park Wood, Mansergh 
SD59588286 pump, Old Town 
SD60168490 Racecourse Allotment, Mansergh 
SD61688486 Rigmaden Bridge, Mansergh L
SD61238526 Rigmaden Farm, Mansergh 
SD61018484 Rigmaden Park, Mansergh L
SD60178279 Rigmaden School, Mansergh L
SD59608497 Shaw Well Plantation, Mansergh 
SD60748220 Shaw, Mansergh 
SD59858446 Shawrigg Hill, Mansergh 
SD59918417 Stangana Moss, Mansergh 
SD59958404 Stangana, Mansergh 
SD60448401 Star Barn, Mansergh 
SD61688388 Sucky Ford, Middleton 
SD60228574 Talebrigg Hill, Mansergh 
SD59238278 Terry Bank, Mansergh 
SD60928247 Tithe Barn, Mansergh 
SD59758361 Town Head, Old Town 
SD60248270 war memorial, Mansergh 
SD60578421 Woodside, Mansergh 
SD59858480 Wyndhammere Fold, Wyndhammere 
NY6205 Lune, River 
SD60248270 St Peter, Mansergh L
SD59468320 barn, Mansergh L
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