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Musgrave parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7714
10Km square:-   NY72
10Km square:-   NY82
10Km square:-   NY71
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 143 (1971)

place:-   Great Musgrave Constablewick
place:-   Little Musgrave Constablewick (most of)

NY77691570 Bale Hill, Musgrave 
NY73741270 Black Hill, Musgrave 
NY76771219 Blands Wath, Musgrave 
NY76861209 Blandswath Bridge, Musgrave 
NY77301303 Blecket's Dub, Musgrave 
NY7310 Blind Beck (2) 
NY8019 Boundary Sike 
NY78011402 boundary stone, Brough/Musgrave 
NY75851202 boundary stone, Musgrave/Soulby 
NY76741527 boundary stone, Musgrave/Warcop 
NY76751319 bridge, Great Musgrave suggested
NY76911529 Broom Rigg, Musgrave 
NY77111513 Broomrigg End, Musgrave 
NY74751352 Cowber Hill, Musgrave 
NY8018 Doak Sike 
NY76501310 Eden Bridge, Great Musgrave 
NY75511454 Eden Flatt, Musgrave 
 Eden Valley Railway 
NY76061311 Eden View Farm, Little Musgrave 
NY77031361 Edenholme, Great Musgrave 
NY76571317 fence, Great Musgrave 
NY76031312 fingerpost, Little Musgrave 
NY76041503 Flitholme, Musgrave 
NY75141396 ford, Musgrave 
NY8021 Goal Sike 
NY72371263 Grassgill Rigg, Musgrave 
NY7312 Great How Gill 
NY76961445 Great Musgrave School, Great Musgrave L
NY76841351 Green, Great Musgrave 
NY77341269 Haining Wood, Musgrave 
NY77511281 Haining, Musgrave 
NY77341353 Hall Garth, Musgrave 
NY80432238 Hanging Seal, Warcop 
NY75971440 Hayber Hill, Musgrave 
NY77851335 Heanings Farm, Musgrave 
NY75851446 hedge, Musgrave 
NY76891342 High Green, Great Musgrave 
NY77541333 High Nursery, Musgrave 
NY76001383 Hill Top, Musgrave 
NY773135 house, Great Musgrave gone
NY75931316 house, Little Musgrave 
NY73531260 Hull Bank, Musgrave 
NY74521287 Intake Bridge, Musgrave 
NY74611266 Intake, Musgrave 
NY7412 Keldhead Sike 
NY7312 Kelhead Sike 
NY76741326 Lane Foot, Great Musgrave 
NY76761344 Lane Head, Great Musgrave 
NY76571486 Langrigg Hill, Musgrave 
NY76961460 Langrigg House, Musgrave 
NY76901466 Langrigg, Musgrave 
NY73381275 Little Musgrave Mask, Musgrave 
NY75961314 Little Musgrave, Musgrave 
NY77271327 Low Nursery, Musgrave 
NY7415 Lowgill Beck 
NY78351514 Lowgill Bridge, Brough 
NY75801349 Loy's Dub, Musgrave 
NY74191303 Loys Hill, Musgrave 
NY76871527 milestone, Musgrave 
NY77001526 milestone, Musgrave (2) perhaps once
NY77331350 molecatcher's gibbet, Musgrave 
NY76571313 Musgrave Bridge, Great Musgrave 
NY794187 Musgrave Fell, Musgrave 
NY76811356 Musgrave House, Great Musgrave L
NY76491345 Musgrave Station, Great Musgrave 
NY76491352 New Inn, Great Musgrave 
NY74071257 Pewter Well, Musgrave 
NY76041313 Pinfold Cottage, Little Musgrave 
NY76791349 pinfold, Great Musgrave 
NY76041313 pinfold, Little Musgrave gone
NY74931382 Ploughlands, Musgrave 
NY76781352 post box, Great Musgrave 
NY76061312 post box, Little Musgrave 
NY76471360 railway bridge, Musgrave 
NY76521287 railway bridge, Musgrave (2) gone
NY71651238 railway bridge, Soulby (3) 
NY76721323 Rectory, Great Musgrave 
NY771128 Rudd Hills Farm, Musgrave 
NY75921226 Smithfield, Musgrave 
NY72251264 stone wall, Musgrave 
NY74241246 Struthforth Side, Musgrave 
NY76471209 Sunny Brow, Musgrave 
NY8016 Swindale Beck (3) 
NY8019 Tarn Gill 
NY72221257 Tewfill Hill, Musgrave 
NY77281495 Thunder Stone, Musgrave 
NY77651526 toll gate, Musgrave 
NY77821527 Turks Head, Musgrave 
NY8018 Turplacks Sike 
NY76911358 village hall, Great Musgrave 
NY78871817 White Rigg, Musgrave 
NY77841256 Winton Hill Wood, Musgrave 
NY7715 Woodend Sike 
NY76791353 Great Musgrave, Musgrave 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY3658 Eden, River 
NY76761322 St Theobald, Musgrave 
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