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Westnewton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY1344
10Km square:-   NY14
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 199 (1971)

NY1142 Aiglegill Beck 
NY11734277 Aiglegill, Hayton and Mealo 
NY12744385 Barnes' Cottage, Westnewton 
NY13074376 castle, Westnewton 
NY0942 Crookhurst Beck 
NY14844484 Crossrigg, Westnewton 
NY15444493 Crossriggs House, Westnewton 
NY1144 Dub Stangs 
NY13144508 Dubstang Bridge, Westnewton 
NY13654424 fingerpost, Westnewton 
NY13714444 fingerpost, Westnewton (2) 
NY13064516 fingerpost, Westnewton (3) 
NY13604463 Hayton Brow, Westnewton 
NY1346 Holme Dub 
NY14254437 Howgill Lonning, Westnewton 
NY14344443 Howrigg, Westnewton 
NY14084431 Howrigg, Westnewton (2) 
NY1342 Lancarr Beck 
NY11294370 Lord's Close, Westnewton 
NY13514604 Mealrigg, Westnewton 
NY10794336 milestone, Westnewton L
NY12344378 milestone, Westnewton (2) 
NY13674436 milestone, Westnewton (4) not found
NY15544497 milestone, Westnewton (5) 
NY10744335 Newton Field, Westnewton 
NY11444382 Newton out Field, Westnewton 
NY14924339 Pasture House, Westnewton 
NY14464416 Pastureside, Yearngill gone
NY13474408 pinfold, Westnewton 
NY13544413 Post House, Westnewton 
NY11264301 Pow Rigg, Westnewton 
NY13694422 Queen's Head, Westnewton 
NY1443 Sandwith Beck 
NY14844348 Sandwith, Westnewton 
NY13514414 school, Westnewton 
NY13744520 Scroggs Wood, Westnewton 
NY14364408 Simple Pond, Yearngill 
NY13564417 St Matthew, Westnewton 
NY13514411 St Matthew's Cottages, Westnewton 
NY14924436 Stubbsgill, Westnewton 
NY13624420 Swan Inn, Westnewton 
NY13714444 toll gate, Westnewton gone
NY13984398 toll gate, Yearngill gone
NY12974391 vicarage, Westnewton 
NY13534357 Warwick Hall, Westnewton 
NY07574099 water trough, Westnewton L not found
NY13484411 Westnewton 
NY1243 Westnewton Beck 
NY13184386 Westnewton Grange, Westnewton L
NY13254394 Westnewton Hall, Westnewton L
NY13374403 Westnewton Village Hall, Westnewton 
NY14144551 Whinbank, Westnewton 
NY13354391 Yates Brewery, Westnewton 
NY13624372 Yearn Gill, Westnewton 
NY13884388 Yearngill Mill, Yearngill gone
NY14004398 Yearngill, Westnewton 
NY13394405 Yew Tree Farm, Westnewton L
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