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Woodside parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY2550
10Km square:-   NY25
10Km square:-   NY24
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 533 (1971)

NY23604928 Aikhead Hall, Aikhead L
NY23734932 Aikhead House, Aikhead 
NY24095000 Aikhead Low House, Woodside 
NY23734930 Aikhead, Woodside 
NY24475147 Bird in Hand, Woodside 
NY23625442 Black House, Woodside 
NY27884976 Bridge House, Woodside 
NY25584691 Bridgebank, Woodside 
NY26804798 Bushgillhead, Woodside 
NY24555080 Chapel House, Oulton L
NY24395078 Chapel House, Oulton (2) 
NY24395078 chapel, Oulton L
NY23954787 Churchrigg, Woodside 
NY24465150 Corbet Houses, Woodside 
NY2352 Cuddyarch Sough 
NY27305005 Dockray Hall, Woodside 
NY26704984 Dockray, Woodside 
NY26495034 Dockraybank, Woodside 
NY25495026 Dockrayrigg House, Woodside 
NY24275196 Eskrigg, Woodside 
NY25734989 fingerpost, Woodside 
NY24465140 fingerpost, Woodside (2) 
NY25464653 Gerrard House, Woodside 
NY23394787 Glebe Lands, Woodside 
NY24155354 Grassings, Woodside 
NY26255145 Greennook, Woodside gone
NY28224874 Greenwood House, Woodside L
NY27804860 Hazel Head, Woodside 
NY25214683 High Longthwaite, Longthwaite 
NY29504938 Hollin Root, West Woodside 
NY23644931 house, Aikhead L gone
NY25754699 Jackson Bridge, Wigton 
NY24965076 King's Arms, Oulton 
NY27374826 Kirkland Cottage, Kirkland 
NY27564841 Kirkland Hall, Kirkland L
NY27274844 Kirkland House, Kirkland 
NY26604840 Kirkland Lane, Woodside 
NY27594836 Kirkland Villa, Kirkland L
NY27634839 Kirkland, Woodside 
NY25334663 Lane House, Woodside 
NY23265260 Lawrenceholme, Woodside 
NY25004690 Longthwaite Cottage, Woodside 
NY25334708 Longthwaite Nook, Longthwaite 
NY24854707 Longthwaite, Wigton 
NY25605044 Low Dockrayrigg, Woodside L
NY23885379 Low Eskrigg, Woodside 
NY25054940 Lowfield House, Woodside 
NY25824936 Mains Farm, Woodside L
NY257517 Martin Tarn Castle, Woodside 
NY25805156 Martin Tarn, Woodside 
NY27985000 Micklethwaite Bridge, Micklethwaite 
NY28704955 Micklethwaite Station, Woodside gone
NY24475121 Middlemoor House, Woodside 
NY27214951 milestone, Woodside L
NY23864790 milestone, Woodside (2) 
NY25674664 milestone, Woodside (3) 
NY26465111 Moorhouse Hall, Woodside 
NY26805146 Moorhouse Mill Bridge, Woodside 
NY26775140 Moorhouse Mill, Woodside 
NY25925119 Moorhouse, Woodside 
NY29394884 Moorthwaite Cottage, Woodside L
NY29184846 Moorthwaite Lough, Woodside 
NY29354876 Moorthwaite, Woodside 
NY29324874 Moorthwaite, Woodside (2) L
NY27494928 Nova Scotia, Woodside 
NY26455140 Oakshawhill, Woodside 
NY25225064 Oulton Hall, Oulton 
NY24015081 Oulton House, Woodside 
NY24585082 Oulton Parish Institute, Oulton 
NY24815072 Oulton, Woodside 
NY24865071 Peak House, Oulton L
NY24445161 pinfold, Woodside gone
NY25804687 Quarryhill, Woodside 
NY235494 race course, Wigton 
NY24134791 railway bridge, Woodside 
NY28924927 Rosewain, Woodside 
NY24605092 School House, Oulton 
NY24555094 school, Oulton 
NY26864934 Smithfield Inn, Woodside 
NY26484917 Spital Cottage, Woodside 
NY24225246 Stangs Bridge, Woodside 
NY25194744 Stubb Bridge, Wigton 
NY24945177 Tarnriggmoor, Woodside 
NY25645176 Tarnside, Woodside L
 Tyne Solway Canal proposed
NY235527 Wedholme Flow tramroad 
NY22215291 Wedholme Flow, Woodside 
NY23055189 Wedholme Hill, Woodside 
NY21525329 Wedholme Wood, Woodside once
NY22545171 Wedholmedale, Woodside gone
NY25284629 Wellhead, Woodside 
NY28514938 West End, Woodside 
NY29864915 West Woodside, Westward 
NY2745 Wiza Beck 
NY24544569 Wreay, Westward 
NY23755378 peat works, Wedholme Flow 
NY1757 Wampool, River 
 Maryport and Carlisle Railway 
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