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Page 178:-
annually, viz. on the Wednesday before Easter, on the first Wednesday in June, and on the 15th of August. It is govern'd by a Mayor, &c. The Assizes and Sessions, for the most Part, are held in this City
King Edward I. held a Parliament here in the 35th Year of his Reign; and King Henry II. committed the Custody of the City to the Citizens, and granted them the said City, and the Mills thereunto belonging, and the Royalty of Eden Water, in Fee Farm at 80 l. per Annum, with Liberty of the Waste, and to be free from Toll, &c. This City had also Charters granted them by several succeeding Kings, as King Edward III. Richard II. his Grandson, Henry IV. and Henry VI. by some of which, the Citizens are freed from the Fee-Farm Rent payable to the Crown, and enjoy the Fishery in the River Eden, with large Common of Pasture, Right of Fairs and Markets, and many other Immunities which are vested in the Corporation, (in whom also is the Manor) consisting of a Mayor, 12 Aldermen, two Sheriffs, or Bailiffs, 24 Capital Citizens, or Common-Council Men, and a Recorder.
The Representatives in Parliament are chosen by the Freemen of this City, who are commonly reckon'd to be 500; tho' by giving honorary Freedoms, the Number is much increas'd. The Revenues of the City amount to 4 or 500 l. per Annum, and the Number of the Inhabitants taking in those of the Suburbs (tho' the Houses there are but few) is upwards of 2000.
There are but two Parish Churches in this City, St. Mary's and St. Cuthbert's: St. Mary's is the Cathedral, and stands almost in the Middle of it, but is separated from it by a Wall of its own; the eastern Part, which is the newer, is a curious Piece of Workmanship; the Choir, which, with the Isles, is 71 Feet broad, is a fine Piece of Building, the E. Window thereof is 48 Feet in Height, and 30 in Breadth, adorned with Pillars of curious Workmanship; the Roof is elegantly vaulted with Wood, and embellish'd with the Arms of England and France quarter'd, the Piercy's, Lucy's, Warren's, Mowbray's, and many others. In the Choir are the Monuments of three Bishops of this See, Bell, Robinson,, and
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