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Page 281-282:-

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The continuation of:-
London to Glasgow
LONDON to Glasgow.
which began on p.276. Measured from Hicks' Hall, London. Relevant to Cumbria is:-
from the east; through Spittle Inn, Yorkshire; then Brough, Appleby, Kirkbythore, Westmorland; Penrith, Cumberland.
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button -- "Appleby" -- Appleby-in-Westmorland
button -- "Brough" -- Brough
button -- "Crackenthorpe" -- Crackenthorpe
button -- "Emont Bridge" -- Eamont Bridge
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button -- "Eden, River" -- Eden, River
button -- "Lowther Bridge" -- Lowther Bridge
button -- "Lowther, River" -- Lowther, River
button -- "New Inn" -- New Inn
button -- "New Inn" -- New Inn
button -- "Spittle Inn" -- Old Spital
button -- "Penrith" -- Penrith
button -- Appleby to Penrith
button -- Bowes to Appleby
button -- Kendal to Appleby
button -- Penrith to KeswickPenrith to Keswick
button -- Shap to Penrith
button -- Tebay to Brough
button -- "Temple Sowerby" -- Temple Sowerby
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