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The Lakes

'O Nature, how in every charm supreme!
Whose votaries feast on raptures ever new!
O for the voice and fire of seraphim,
To sing thy glories with devotion due!'
THE order in which the Lakes should be visited, if seen in any prescribed order at all, can be pointed out much more easily than satisfactorily. Lancaster and Kendal in the south, Carlisle and Penrith in the north, formerly offered the readiest facilities of access to this Northern Elysium; but since the improvement of steam navigation, Whitehaven and other ports have become equally suitable as starting places. One advantage, however, remains in favour of the old routes, that the direct lines are better, especially for carriages, although to the pedestrian this will not be a matter of any great importance.
Tour from Lancaster
Since the greatest influx of tourists is from the south of England, and the Lancashire Lakes are best approached from that quarter, it may not be
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