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Page 75:-
Hall, standing in a noble park on the opposite side of the road, built about 1786, and remarkable for the elegance and convenience of its apartments. The gardens and walks on the woody banks of the Calder are beautiful; and the view by sea and land is extensive. Among many curious pieces of antiquity brought from Dalegarth Hall, in Eskdale, is a carved bedstead made about 1345, having the arms of the Austhwaite family quartered with the Stanleys. The Church stands in the park, and is a pretty stone building, well paved, and containing some stained glass brought from Dalegarth.
Calder Bridge to Cockermouth and Keswick
It is usual for tourists to proceed direct over Copeland forest to Ennerdale Bridge and village, and thence by Lamplugh to Lowes Water; but we shall endeavour to carry them a more interesting route.
On the right, on pursuing the road, is the white village of Hale; and before you lies, in a fine agreeable vale, fertilized by the Ehen,

  Egremont Castle
With its ruined castle crowning the northern banks. The heights above the town conceal beneath their surface a productive iron mine. The bridge over the river, and the castle above it, form a romantic scene; indeed, the town and castle, from many points on the Ehen, displays pleasing assemblages of the picturesque. The castle, situated upon a rising ground, flanked on the south by the Ehen, was pro-
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