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Page 161:-
neighbourhood. This has been taken by some to belong to the old red sandstone formation; but whether it passes under or only abuts against the adjacent limestone, I have not yet myself had an opportunity of observing; but have been told that their junction may be seen near Shap Abbey; and in a quarry near Greystoke.
A large mass of similar composition appears in the bed and on the banks of the river Lune at Kirkby Lonsdale. Its dip indicates that it should pass under the limestone which appears at a little distance; but, in that case, how it came to contains nodules of limestone I am at a loss to understand. Something of the same kind also appears in the river Mint, from two to three miles above Kendal; where it may be seen to rest upon the blue rock; and wherever the subjacent rock can be seen, it is always deeply coloured by the iron of the conglomerate. A layer of similar appearance is interstratified with the red sandstone at Barrow Mouth near Whitehaven, and a still newer formation of the same kind adjoins the Cartmel sands near Humphrey Head.
A superincumbent bed of limestone, by some called the mountain, by others the upper transition limestone, mantles round these mountains, in a position unconformable to the strata of the slaty and other rocks upon which it reposes. It bassets out near Egremont, Lamplugh, Pardshaw, Papcastle, Bothel, Ireby, Caldbeck, Hesket, Berrier, Dacre, Lowther and Shap; it appears again near Kendal,
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