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Egremont parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0011
10Km square:-   NX91
10Km square:-   NY01
10Km square:-   NX90
10Km square:-   NY00
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 7253 (1971)

NY000102 Ashley Grove, Egremont 
NY012105 Beck Green, Egremont 
NY00051306 Bigrigg Moor, Egremont 
NY00141304 Bigrigg, Egremont 
NX99840949 Black Ling, Egremont 
NY0110 Blackbeck Brewery, Egremont 
NY01051060 Blue Bell, Egremont 
NY01101039 bridge, Egremont 
NY01521158 Briscoemill Bridge, Egremont 
NY01081083 Cat Inn, Egremont 
NY00250918 Catgill Hall, Egremont 
NY00420891 Catgill Summer House, Egremont 
NY01071088 Central, Egremont 
NY01111087 chapel, Egremont 
NY01281312 Cleator East Bridge, Cleator 
NY00841206 Clints Well, Egremont 
NY00831355 coal depot, Egremont 
NY01371089 Common Well, Egremont 
NY01081296 Croft End House, Egremont L
NY00961285 Croft Pit, Egremont 
NY01041062 Egremont 
 Egremont and Sellafield branch railway 
NY00871149 Egremont Cemetery, Egremont L
NY01191087 Egremont Fire Station, Egremont 
NY01011086 Egremont Market Hall: Egremont 
NY01091103 Egremont Police Station, Egremont 
NY01041116 Egremont Station, Egremont 
NY01041074 Egremont: HSBC Bank L
NY010107 Egremont: Main Street 
NY01041066 Egremont: Main Street, 45 L
NY01031071 Egremont: Main Street, 54 to 56 L
NY01051075 Egremont: Main Street, 57 L
NY01061059 Egremont: Market Place, 9 
NY01051087 Egremont: Market Street, 1 L not found
NY01041064 Egremont: NatWest Bank 
NY01081045 Egremont: South Street, 21 
NX9907 Ellergill Beck (3) 
NX98781103 Ellergill Bridge, St Bees 
NY00771459 engine shed, Moor Row gone
NY00751463 engine shed, Moor Row (2) gone
NY00421345 Fletcher Pit, Egremont 
NY017102 Florence Mine, Egremont 
NY01241296 footbridge, Cleator Moor 
NY00961191 Gillfoot Branch Junction, Egremont 
NY00321136 Gillfoot, Egremont 
NY00811347 Gutterby, Egremont 
NY00241415 High Farm, Moor Row 
NY01281109 High Mill, Egremont 
NY00511408 Hollins Farm, Moor Row 
NY01041056 Horn, Egremont 
NY00261118 How Bank, Egremont 
NX99801380 hydrant plate, Bigrigg 
NY01101091 hydrant plate, Egremont 
NY00351330 James's Pit, Egremont 
NY0019 Keekle, River 
NY01061068 Kings Arms, Egremont 
NY00901219 limekiln, Egremont 
NX99931441 location, Egremont 
NY00631428 Low Farm, Moor Row 
NY01101092 Lowes Court, Egremont L
NX99531406 Lund Moor, Egremont 
NY01041060 market cross, Egremont gone
NX98871046 Marlborough Hall, Egremont 
NY00411281 milestone, Egremont L
NX99661414 milestone, Egremont (2) 
NY00101307 milestone, Egremont (3) 
NY00861130 milestone, Egremont (4) 
NY01111043 mill, Egremont 
NY01521002 mill, Egremont (2) suggested
NY00861197 mine, Egremont 
NY00840940 Moadland Parks, Egremont once
NY00491457 Moor Row Station, Moor Row 
NY00561433 Moor Row, Egremont 
NX9914 Needless Beck 
NX99641417 Needless Bridge, Egremont 
NY01381007 New House, Egremont 
NY010104 Old Bridge, Egremont 
NY01051077 Old Hall, Egremont L
NY003107 Orgill, Egremont 
NX99491233 Pallaflat, Egremont 
NX99831322 Park House, Egremont gone
NX99801308 Park House, Egremont (2) 
NX99641311 Parkhouse Farm, Egremont 
NX99491328 Parkhouse Gill, Egremont 
NY00510971 Picket How, Egremont 
NY00521057 police house, Egremont 
NY00181295 police station, Bigrigg 
NY00881325 railway bridge, Egremont 
NY00931213 railway bridge, Egremont (2) 
NX99861436 railway bridge, Egremont (3) 
NY00451456 railway bridge, Moor Row 
NX99030990 Raveley Tarn, Egremont 
NY010106 Red Lion Hotel, Egremont 
NX99811073 Ringingstone Quarry, Egremont 
NX995107 Ringlen Stones, Egremont 
NX99861428 Scalegill, Egremont 
NY01221068 school, Egremont 
NY00861044 school, Egremont (2) 
NY01061049 seat, Egremont 
NX99791406 Shaw, Egremont 
NY01061105 Ship Launch, Egremont 
NX99951221 Sike House, Egremont 
NY00271368 Sir John Pit, Egremont 
NX99580886 Snellings, Egremont 
NX999126 Southam, Egremont 
NX99621359 Springfield Farm, Egremont 
NX99681354 Springfield, Egremont 
NX989120 St Bees Stone, St Bees gone
NX99781381 St Michael and St John, Bigrigg L
NY01501004 St Thomas Cross, Egremont 
NY008124 Steelbarrow Quarries, Egremont 
NX99991336 Summer Hill, Bigrigg 
NY00011330 Summerhill Terrace, Bigrigg 
NY01291030 telephone box, Egremont L gone
NY00781153 toll gate, Egremont L
NY01271034 toll gate, Egremont (2) L
NY01061087 Town Hall, Egremont L
NY00111455 Victoria Villa, Egremont 
NY00041315 village hall, Bigrigg 
NY01041060 war memorial, Egremont L
NY00461424 war memorial, Moor Row 
NX99011125 Watson Hill, Egremont 
NY01321312 weighing machine, Cleator 
NY00181302 West View, Bigrigg 
NX99801106 Whangs Quarry, Egremont 
NX99411153 Whangs, Egremont 
NY01021057 Wheatsheaf, Egremont 
NY01441029 Woodbank Mansion, Egremont 
NY00891291 Woodend Farm, Woodend 
NY01111266 Woodend Mill, Cleator 
NY00991295 Woodend Station, Egremont 
NY00891279 Woodend, Egremont 
NY00891285 fingerpost, Egremont 
NY00931295 fingerpost, Egremont (2) 
NY01071267 bridge, Woodend 
NY01201070 pinfold, Egremont 
NY00981048 Egremont Castle, Egremont L
NY0110 church, Egremont 
NY00911051 drinking fountain, Egremont L
NY0515 Ehen, River 
NY01091056 St Mary, Egremont L
NY01231304 Jockey Bridge, Cleator Moor 
NY01871012 Florence Mine, Egremont - Gates and Railings 
NX9813 Linethwaite Beck 
NY00821342 Gutterby Lane, Egremont 
 Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway 
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