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Great Salkeld parish
Great Salkeld
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5436
10Km square:-   NY53
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 348 (1971)

NY54803801 Aikton Castle, Great Salkeld gone
NY5535 Banty Beck 
NY55063586 Banty Hill, Great Salkeld 
NY55063654 barn, Great Salkeld 
NY5536 battle site, Great Salkeld 
NY54733573 Beckbank, Great Salkeld L
NY54973834 boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby L
NY53973825 boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby (2) 
NY54763489 Bowman's Houses, Great Salkeld 
NY56283801 bridge, Great Salkeld (2) gone
NY54413434 Chamber's Common, Great Salkeld 
NY54683690 chapel, Great Salkeld gone
NY54563650 chapel, Salkeld Dykes 
NY53343752 Cold Keld, Great Salkeld 
NY55263559 Coney Hill, Great Salkeld 
NY55263600 Cottage, Nunwick Hall L out of sight
NY54733717 Croft House, Great Salkeld 
NY55163566 Drake How, Great Salkeld 
NY55953847 Eden Lacy, Great Salkeld 
NY535357 Faulder's Buildings, Great Salkeld 
NY54583758 fence, Great Salkeld 
NY55003574 fingerpost, Great Salkeld 
NY55013733 fingerpost, Great Salkeld (2) 
NY55013744 fingerpost, Great Salkeld (3) 
NY54903809 fingerpost, Great Salkeld (4) 
NY53573465 folly, Great Salkeld L
NY56233803 Force Mill House, Great Salkeld L
NY56213800 Force Mill, Great Salkeld 
NY54903571 ford, Great Salkeld 
NY55053644 Garden Cottage, Great Salkeld 
NY54593728 Garland Lane, Great Salkeld 
NY55003600 gate, Nunwick 
NY54733699 Grayson House, Great Salkeld 
NY55113675 Great Salkeld 
NY533366 Green Ghyll, Great Salkeld 
NY54833646 Green Lane, Great Salkeld 
NY534355 Halfwaywell, Great Salkeld 
NY54943540 High Gate, Great Salkeld 
NY55173682 Highland Drove Inn, Great Salkeld 
NY55063652 house, Great Salkeld 
NY55473693 Huffa Plantation, Great Salkeld 
NY55083673 Hunter Hall, Great Salkeld L
NY53533576 hydrant plate, Great Salkeld 
NY55113679 hydrant plate, Great Salkeld (2) 
NY55053642 hydrant plate, Great Salkeld (3) 
NY53453430 Inglewood Bank, Great Salkeld L
NY54013410 Judge's Plantation, Great Salkeld 
NY53263747 Keld Farm, Great Salkeld 
NY55073693 Kirkhouses, Great Salkeld 
NY5436 Lair Gill 
NY5534 Liquorice Sike 
NY55363445 Loam Cottage, Great Salkeld gone?
NY55053573 lodge, Nunwick Hall 
NY56123769 Long Meg Viaduct, Great Salkeld 
NY56113666 Low Wath, Great Salkeld once
NY54773457 Luham Lane, Great Salkeld 
NY53563365 Michael Grey's Well, Great Salkeld 
NY55243821 Mickleton's Lane, Great Salkeld 
NY55083657 Mid Town Farm, Great Salkeld 
NY55563780 Mill Gate, Great Salkeld 
NY56233781 Mill Pool, Great Salkeld 
NY55303591 Nunwick Hall, Great Salkeld L out of sight
NY55273598 Nunwick Old Hall, Great Salkeld L out of sight
NY55053654 Old Post Office, Great Salkeld L
NY533353 quarry, Great Salkeld 
NY55153660 Rectory, Great Salkeld L
NY540360 Salkeld Dyke, Great Salkeld 
NY54563647 Salkeld Dykes, Great Salkeld 
NY55773723 Salkeld Haugh, Great Salkeld 
NY55073685 Salkeld House, Great Salkeld L
NY55143418 Salkeld Loam, Great Salkeld 
NY5338 Scatter Beck 
NY5434 Smither Gill 
NY55183670 St Cuthbert's CofE Primary School, Great Salkeld 
NY55043816 Stone Raise, Great Salkeld 
NY54583758 stone wall, Great Salkeld 
NY55083666 telephone box, Great Salkeld L
NY55973370 Thorn Bank, Great Salkeld 
NY5335 Tod Gill 
NY55353747 Tor Pen, Great Salkeld 
NY55023642 Town End Farm, Great Salkeld 
NY55103690 Town Head Farm, Great Salkeld L
NY55083661 Village Farm, Great Salkeld 
NY55043645 village hall, Great Salkeld 
NY54883729 Wain Gate, Great Salkeld 
NY52373602 Wan Fell, Great Salkeld 
NY55173674 war memorial, Great Salkeld L
NY55073694 water trough, Great Salkeld 
NY56263793 weir, Great Salkeld 
NY55783685 West Lane, Great Salkeld 
NY539356 Wolfa, Great Salkeld 
NY55173675 St Cuthbert, Great Salkeld L
NY52973427 bridge, Great Salkeld suggested
NY54973835 bridge, Lazonby 
NY52683484 Red Rock Quarry, Bowscar 
NY54593533 Burrellgreen, Great Salkeld 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY3658 Eden, River 
NY55113681 barn, Great Salkeld (2) 
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