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Loweswater parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY1320
10Km square:-   NY02
10Km square:-   NY12
10Km square:-   NY11
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 202 (1971)

NY12322276 Askill Knott, Loweswater 
NY12062274 Askill, Loweswater 
NY12742303 Bank Moss, Loweswater 
NY138202 Bargate, Loweswater 
NY11062267 barn, Iredale Place L
NY12192249 barn, Miresyke L
NY13372284 Beckhead Moss, Loweswater 
NY09072316 Beech Croft, Mockerkin L
NY1022 Black Beck (24) 
NY122196 Black Crag, Loweswater 
NY11061970 Blake Fell, Lamplugh 
NY15052298 Blakehill Wood, Loweswater 
NY13422333 boundary stone, Blindbothel/Loweswater 
NY13152302 boundary stone, Blindbothel/Loweswater (2) 
NY13432099 bridge, Loweswater 
NY11522268 bridge, Loweswater (2) 
NY14852367 Brook Farm, Thackthwaite 
NY11362128 Burnbank Fell, Loweswater 
NY167166 Buttermere Dubs 
NY11712031 Carling Knott, Loweswater 
NY13952079 Castle, Loweswater suggested
NY14092089 Church Bridge, Loweswater 
NY152207 Cold Keld Wyke, Buttermere 
NY15002238 Cornhow Dubs, Loweswater 
NY13042156 Crabtreebeck, Loweswater L
NY14932302 Crofthill Wood, Loweswater 
NY12832254 Darling Fell, Loweswater 
NY16381575 Dodd, Loweswater 
NY1122 Dub Beck (3) 
NY10592282 Fangs Brow Farm, Loweswater 
NY1616 Far Ruddy Beck 
NY13212425 Fellbarrow, Loweswater 
NY12262002 fence, Loweswater 
NY13762293 fence, Loweswater (2) 
NY14742136 fingerpost, Loweswater 
NY12772179 fingerpost, Loweswater (3) 
NY142202 Flass Wood, Loweswater 
NY12211736 Floutern Cop, Loweswater 
NY12501679 Floutern Crag, Loweswater 
NY12041724 Floutern Pass, Loweswater 
NY128170 Floutern Tarn Sett, Loweswater 
NY12461704 Floutern Tarn, Loweswater 
NY17271634 footbridge, Buttermere 
NY15051715 footbridge, Loweswater 
NY16331698 footbridge, Loweswater (2) 
NY17231629 footbridge, Loweswater (3) 
NY13962181 Foulsyke Wood, Loweswater 
NY14172154 Foulsyke, Loweswater L
NY138165 Gale Fell, Loweswater 
NY14631751 gate, Loweswater 
NY13752385 gate, Loweswater (2) 
NY11621844 Gavel Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside 
NY14382103 Gillerthwaite, Loweswater 
NY14592135 Godferhead, Loweswater L
NY11602268 Grange Country House Hotel, Loweswater 
NY11802288 Grange Lane, Loweswater 
NY12391638 Great Borne, Ennerdale and Kinniside 
NY09402304 hedge, Mockerkin 
NY13211811 Hen Comb, Loweswater 
NY14922277 High Latterhead, Loweswater 
NY12912053 High Nook Farm, Loweswater L
NY13322151 High Thrushbank, Loweswater 
NY13662133 Highcross, Loweswater L
NY135212 Highgap Yeat, Loweswater 
NY1219 Highnook Beck 
NY12441992 Highnook Tarn, Loweswater 
NY14502026 Highpark, Loweswater L
NY14632413 Hill, Loweswater 
NY1121 Holme Beck 
NY11952143 Holme Force, Loweswater 
NY12152127 Holme Wood, Loweswater 
NY09032332 house, Mockerkin 
NY11522220 Hudson Place, Loweswater L
NY11092267 Iredale Place Cottage, Loweswater L
NY11072265 Iredale Place, Loweswater 
NY14792136 Jenkin Gap, Loweswater 
NY11212253 Jenkinson Place, Loweswater 
NY13992076 Kirkhead, Loweswater L
NY141209 Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater 
NY14992265 Latterhead, Loweswater 
NY158160 Ling Comb, Loweswater 
NY132191 Little Dod, Loweswater 
NY13732263 Low Fell, Loweswater 
NY15701829 Low Ling Crag, Crummock Water 
NY13312285 Loweswater Fell, Loweswater 
NY12042240 Loweswater Hall, Loweswater 
NY146216 Loweswater Mines, Loweswater 
NY14012106 Loweswater School, Loweswater 
NY14422041 Lowpark, Loweswater L
NY13482094 Maggie's Bridge, Loweswater 
NY142192 Mellbreak Trials, Loweswater 
NY14451905 Mellbreak, Loweswater 
NY1021 Meregill Beck 
NY1424 Meregill Beck (2) 
NY13462049 Mill Hill, Loweswater 
NY14022102 Millennium Plaque, Loweswater 
NY12222286 Miresyke, Loweswater L
NY08992329 Mockerkin Hall, Mockerkin L
NY09912275 Mockerkin How, Loweswater 
NY08342317 Mockerkin Tarn, Loweswater 
NY09022328 Mockerkin, Loweswater 
NY1318 Mosedale Beck (2) 
NY14151836 Mosedale Holly Tree, Loweswater 
NY14141845 Mosedale, Loweswater 
NY14742102 Muncaster House, Loweswater L
NY14672170 Netherclose, Loweswater 
NY14712219 Oakbank, Loweswater 
NY15162056 Park Beck (2) 
NY14452051 Park Bridge, Loweswater 
NY15012031 Peel, Loweswater 
NY12912168 pinfold, Loweswater 
NY13792396 pinfold, Loweswater (2) 
NY15242275 Piper Dub, Buttermere 
NY14292241 Pottergill, Loweswater 
NY14092375 quarry, Loweswater 
NY13862281 Raven Crag, Loweswater 
NY16051545 Red Pike, Buttermere 
NY15252331 Redhow Crags, Loweswater 
NY15272320 Redhow Wood, Loweswater 
NY14922294 Redhow, Loweswater 
NY14222111 Rose Cottage, Loweswater (2) 
NY14832368 Rose Cottage, Thackthwaite L
NY163156 Saddle, Loweswater 
NY1416 Scale Beck 
NY16791659 Scale Bridge, Buttermere 
NY150170 Scale Force, Loweswater 
NY152177 Scale Knott, Loweswater 
NY14862148 Scalehill Bridge, Loweswater 
NY16081689 Scales, Loweswater 
NY12711622 Scaw Well, Ennerdale and Kinniside 
NY09392304 sheep feeder, Loweswater 
NY10382293 sheep feeder, Loweswater (2) 
NY12141987 sheepfold, Loweswater 
NY16361699 sheepfold, Loweswater (2) 
NY15571739 sheepfold, Loweswater (3) 
NY14462114 sheepfold, Loweswater (4) 
NY13781944 sheepfold, Loweswater (5) 
NY13821936 sheepfold, Loweswater (6) 
NY13212233 sheepfold, Loweswater (7) 
NY13762331 sheepfold, Loweswater (8) 
NY132237 Smithy Fell, Loweswater 
NY0822 Snary Beck 
NY10212405 Sosgill, Loweswater 
NY1615 Sour Milk Gill 
NY13572339 Sourfoot Fell, Loweswater 
NY12142256 Spout House, Loweswater 
NY14142095 St Bartholomew, Loweswater 
NY14201574 Starling Dodd, Ennerdale and Kinniside 
NY136202 Steelbank, Loweswater 
NY14992037 stile, Loweswater 
NY13472100 stone wall, Loweswater 
NY11002212 stone wall, Loweswater (2) 
NY15051713 stone wall, Loweswater (3) 
NY13412356 stone wall, Loweswater (4) 
NY13142136 Swan's Nest, Loweswater lake 
NY14302110 telephone box, Loweswater L
NY1523 Thackthwaite Beck (3) 
NY14702324 Thackthwaite Wood, Loweswater 
NY14842365 Thackthwaite, Loweswater 
NY13222150 Thrushbank, Loweswater 
NY15142187 Tindle Crag, Loweswater 
NY101234 Toot Hill, Loweswater 
NY1321924247 trig point, NY1321924247 
NY14152115 Vicarage, Loweswater 
NY13562125 viewpoint, Highgap Yeat 
NY141211 viewpoint, Loweswater 
NY14012104 village hall, Loweswater 
NY13882324 Watching Crag, Loweswater 
NY1423 Watching Gill 
NY17231629 water gate, Loweswater 
NY11662262 Waterend Farm, Loweswater L
NY11612263 Waterend, Loweswater 
NY12702111 Watergate Farm, Loweswater 
NY14172193 Whinny Ridding, Loweswater 
NY1218 Whiteoak Beck 
NY130199 Whiteoak Mines, Loweswater 
NY12521770 Whiteoak Moss, Loweswater 
NY1123 Whittern Gill 
NY14602301 Wilderness Wood, Loweswater 
NY10532282 fingerpost, Loweswater (2) 
NY14352021 viewpoint, Flass Wood 
NY14152090 Loweswater 
NY12502170 Loweswater lake 
NY08232332 bridge, Mockerkin 
NY08412260 Snary Bridge, Loweswater 
NY1321 Dub Beck (2) 
NY13252106 hedge, Loweswater 
NY1426 Cocker, River 
NY1322 Crabtree Beck 
NY1216 Red Gill (6) 
NY12081693 Steel Brow, Loweswater 
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