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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY42


places in the square:-

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barn, Martindale , barn  (NY45262088)

Bonscale Pike, Martindale , hill  (NY453200)

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Bonscale Tower, Martindale , tower  (NY45392014)

Bonscale, Martindale , building/s  (NY45002058)

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building, Martindale , building/s  (NY45122058)

Swarth Beck (2) , river  (NY4520)

Swarthbeck Gill , valley  (NY45962008)

Swarthbeck Gill Iron Trial, Martindale , iron mine  (NY455206)

Swarthbeck, Martindale , building/s  (NY45232094)

Whinny Crag, Barton , rocks  (NY458209)

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