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county:-   Cumbria
10Km square:-   SD39


SD35179820 Ann Tyson's House (Hawkshead)
SD35209818 Beatrix Potter Gallery (Hawkshead) L
SD35879832 Beck Side Cottage (Claife)
SD35859832 Beckside (Claife) L
SD35229818 Bend or Bump (Hawkshead) L
SD35319830 Black Beck Lodge (Hawkshead) L
SD35239813 Brown Cow Cottages (Hawkshead) L
SD35249813 Brown Cow Inn (Hawkshead)
SD35869822 Colthouse (Claife)
SD35229815 Corner Shop, The (Hawkshead) L
SD35939848 Cragg Cottage (Claife) L
SD35949853 Cragg, The (Claife) L out of sight
SD35889836 Croft Foot (Claife)
SD35199812 drain, Hawkshead (Hawkshead)
SD35149812 Fern Cottage (Hawkshead) L
SD35189812 Fitzwilliam Gallery (Hawkshead) L
SD35049861 Gallowbarrow Bridge (Hawkshead)
SD350985 Gallowbarrow (Hawkshead)
SD35329808 garden, Hawkshead (Hawkshead) gone
SD35909813 gate, Colthouse (Claife)
SD35199820 Gilmarver House (Hawkshead) L
SD35169816 Grandy Nook Tearooms (Hawkshead) L
SD35149829 Green Bank (Hawkshead)
SD35729833 Green End Cottage (Claife) L
SD35749830 Green End House (Claife) L
SD35729831 Green End (Claife)
SD35219816 Hawkshead Cooperative Store (Hawkshead) L
SD35209810 Hawkshead Town Hall (Hawkshead) L
SD35199818 Coffee Time (Hawkshead) L
SD35219814 Flag Street (Hawkshead)
SD35169814 Hawkshead: Flag Street, 1-2 (Hawkshead) L
SD35189811 Fountain Street (Hawkshead)
SD35229818 Main Street (Hawkshead)
SD35179815 Minstrels' Gallery, The (Hawkshead) L
SD35219810 Peter Rabbit and Friends (Hawkshead)
SD35179813 Hawkshead: Square (Hawkshead) L
SD35239811 Summitreks (Hawkshead)
SD35099813 Vicarage Lane (Hawkshead)
SD35189819 Wordsworth Street (Hawkshead)
SD35179824 Holm Lea (Hawkshead) L
SD35189813 Honeypot, The (Hawkshead)
SD35809835 house, Colthouse (Hawkshead)
SD35189821 Ivy Guest House (Hawkshead) L
SD35139814 Jasmine Cottage (Hawkshead) L
SD35239819 Jessamine Cottage (Hawkshead) L
SD35209815 King's Arms (Hawkshead) L
SD35219813 Laburnum House (Hawkshead) L
SD35169812 Lantern Cottage (Hawkshead) L
SD35889827 Linden Cottage (Claife) L
SD35129813 Little Force Cottage (Hawkshead) L
SD35189815 Hawkshead Methodist Church (Hawkshead) L
SD35229818 Beatrix Potter Gallery (Hawkshead) L
SD35899812 pig sty, Colthouse (Claife)
SD35179810 Pillar Cottage (Hawkshead) L
SD35199822 Police Office and Judges Lodging (Hawkshead)
SD35509806 Pool Bridge bridge 
SD350985 poorhouse, Hawkshead (Hawkshead)
SD35869833 post box, Colthouse (Hawkshead)
SD35219812 Queen's Head (Hawkshead) L
SD35219820 Red Lion (Hawkshead) L
SD35179808 Roost, The (Hawkshead)
SD35309800 school, Hawkshead (Hawkshead)
SD35279806 school, Hawkshead (2) (Hawkshead)
SD35699818 stone wall, Claife (Claife)
SD35089812 stone wall, Hawkshead (2) (Hawkshead)
SD35249808 Sun Inn (Hawkshead) L
SD35189817 Tarragon (Hawkshead) L
SD35209810 telephone box, Hawkshead (Hawkshead) L
SD35229815 Thimble Hall (Hawkshead) L
SD35859811 Town End Cottage (Claife) L
SD35909811 Town End Farm (Claife) L
SD35879811 Town End (Claife)
SD35069814 Vicarage Lane (Hawkshead)
SD35229809 war memorial, Hawkshead (Hawkshead)
SD35889811 water trough, Colthouse (Claife)
SD35129814 Wee Cottage (Hawkshead) L
SD35909828 Windy How (Claife)
SD35179811 Wordsworth House (Hawkshead) L
SD35209806 St Michael and All Angels Church (Hawkshead) L
SD35549807 Gibbet Tree (Hawkshead)
SD35169817 Ann Tyson's Cottage (Hawkshead) L
SD352981 Church Hill House (Hawkshead)
SD351981 Grandy Nook (Hawkshead)
SD35239804 Hawkshead Grammar School (Hawkshead) L
SD35209812 Hawkshead (Hawkshead)
SD35899817 Colthouse Meeting House (Claife) L
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