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Burgh by Sands parish
Burgh by Sands
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY3158
10Km square:-   NY26
10Km square:-   NY36
10Km square:-   NY25
10Km square:-   NY35
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

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BUF22.jpg  Millennium Banner, map of Burgh by Sands in St Michael's church.
(taken 11.3.2011)  

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 830 (1971)

NY32115597 Aikrigg, Burgh by Sands 
NY32685891 Amberfield, Burgh by Sands 
NY31565664 Beeches, Thurstonfield L
NY33555649 boundary stone, Burgh by Sands/Orton N 
NY29485932 Boustead Hill Bridge, Boustead Hill L
NY29225904 Boustead Hill House, Boustead Hill L
NY29335913 Boustead Hill, Burgh by Sands 
NY3256 Bramble Beck 
NY30875893 Brewery Cottage, Longburgh L
NY30955898 Brewery Farm, Longburgh L
NY30885876 Broadgate Villa, Longburgh 
NY32685912 Buck Bottom, Burgh by Sands L
NY314592 Burgh by Sands Castle, Burgh by Sands gone
NY32615912 Burgh by Sands Parish Hall, Burgh by Sands 
NY32705883 Burgh by Sands School, Burgh by Sands 
NY32785909 Burgh Head House, Burgh by Sands L
NY32845913 Burgh Head, Burgh by Sands 
NY32495910 Burgh House, Burgh by Sands 
NY30635959 Burgh Marsh, Burgh by Sands 
NY32255888 Burgh Station, Burgh by Sands 
NY31225806 Burghmoor House, Burgh by Sands 
NY2462 Carlisle Canal 
NY31745645 cock pit, Thurstonfield gone
NY33375859 Copt Hill, Burgh by Sands 
NY29275908 Croft House, Boustead Hill L
NY32715914 Cross Cottage, Burgh by Sands 
NY32785914 Demesne Farmhouse, Burgh by Sands 
NY30765912 Dykesfield Bridge, Dykesfield L
NY30735922 Dykesfield Farm, Dykesfield 
NY30805922 Dykesfield House, Dykesfield L
NY30765922 Dykesfield, Burgh by Sands 
NY32586092 Edward I Monument, Burgh by Sands L
NY33305678 Fairfield, Moorhouse L
NY29985756 Farhill, Burgh by Sands 
NY32385908 Fauld Farm, Burgh by Sands L
NY29495934 fingerpost, Boustead Hill 
NY31865895 fingerpost, Burgh by Sands 
NY32775914 fingerpost, Burgh by Sands (2) 
NY32765913 fingerpost, Burgh by Sands (3) 
NY31745555 fingerpost, Burgh by Sands (4) 
NY31235825 fingerpost, Burgh by Sands (5) 
NY30785917 fingerpost, Dykesfield 
NY33505668 fingerpost, Moorhouse 
NY33265681 fingerpost, Moorhouse (2) 
NY32905697 fingerpost, Moorhouse (3) 
NY31605655 fingerpost, Thurstonfield 
NY31375656 fingerpost, Thurstonfield (2) 
NY29315910 Firth House, Boustead Hill 
NY33485671 Forge, Moorhouse 
NY2860 Fresh Creek 
NY32475912 Fulwood House, Burgh by Sands L
NY30835894 garden wall, Longburgh L
NY28056024 Grass Dike 
NY28265812 Grass Dike, Bowness 
NY3457 Greathill Beck 
NY31805658 Greyhound Inn, Thurstonfield 
NY32375906 Greyhound, Burgh by Sands L
NY29365913 Greylags, Boustead Hill 
NY33215675 Hall Farm, Moorhouse L
NY32165909 Hangman Tree, Burgh by Sands 
NY31795655 High Mill, Thurstonfield 
NY29515918 Highfield, Boustead Hill L
NY31815883 Hill Farm, Burgh by Sands L
NY29425915 Hillside Farm, Boustead Hill L
NY31605665 Hollies, Thurstonfield L
NY30875895 Hollins, Longburgh 
NY30815800 Holy Well Wood, Burgh by Sands 
NY33075679 house, Moorhouse L
NY33085677 house, Moorhouse (2) L
NY33035683 house, Moorhouse (3) 
NY31655658 Kokied Cottage, Thurstonfield L
NY32705917 Lamonby Farm, Burgh by Sands L
NY32785938 Leigh Cottage, Burgh by Sands L
NY30905893 Longburgh farm house, Longburgh L
NY30995896 Longburgh Farm, Longburgh L
NY30835891 Longburgh House, Longburgh L
NY30925895 Longburgh, Burgh by Sands 
NY32875696 Longwath, Moorhouse 
NY32355713 Low Mill, Burgh by Sands gone
NY33475660 Low Moor House, Moorhouse L
NY33085684 Low Moorhouse Fauld, Moorhouse 
NY32735903 Ludgate Bridge, Burgh by Sands L gone
NY330590 manor house, Burgh by Sands gone
NY30655918 Marsh Gate, Dykesfield gone
NY284617 Middle Bank, Solway Firth (2) 
NY32535912 Midtown Farm, Burgh by Sands L
NY32425910 Milecastle 72, Burgh by Sands 
NY31035939 Milecastle 73, Burgh by Sands 
NY295596 Milecastle 74, Burgh by Sands 
NY31865895 Mill House, Burgh by Sands 
NY30945913 Millgrove, Dykesfield 
NY34325847 Monkhill Hall, Monkhill 
NY33315698 Moorhouse Green, Moorhouse 
NY33165674 Moorhouse Hall, Moorhouse L
NY33275681 Moorhouse, Burgh by Sands 
NY32295675 Moorpark, Burgh by Sands 
NY32775935 North End Cottage, Burgh by Sands L
NY32765931 North End, Burgh by Sands 
NY33176165 Old Sandsfield, Burgh by Sands 
NY32985680 Old Thatched Barn, Moorhouse L
NY32905912 Old Vicarage, Burgh by Sands L
NY33686094 Oldriggs Wath, Beaumont 
NY33405677 Orchard Farm, Moorhouse 
NY32365907 Orchard House, Burgh by Sands L
NY32065903 police station, Burgh by Sands 
 Port Carlisle Dock and Railway 
NY29465919 post box, Boustead Hill 
NY32775914 post box, Burgh by Sands 
NY31645656 post box, Thurstonfield 
NY3359 Powburgh Beck 
NY33585674 quaker burial ground, Moorhouse 
NY32905930 race course, Burgh by Sands 
NY30986039 race course, Burgh Marsh 
NY31575660 Red House, Thurstonfield 
NY3058 Ridding Sough 
NY31385907 Rindle House, Burgh by Sands 
NY32675917 Rose Mount, Burgh by Sands L
NY33215682 Royal Oak, Moorhouse 
NY33746154 Sandsfield, Beaumont 
NY33365697 school, Moorhouse gone
NY33365678 seat, Moorhouse 
NY31555660 Shepherds Hill Farm, Thurstonfield L
NY30915868 Shield, Burgh by Sands 
NY31405669 South View, Thurstonfield L
NY33085912 Speergarth Holes, Burgh by Sands 
NY32865911 St Michael, Burgh by Sands L
NY33156178 Stony Wath, Burgh by Sands 
NY31955628 Thurstonfield Lough, Thurstonfield 
NY31735647 Thurstonfield Methodist Chapel, Thurstonfield 
NY31595662 Thurstonfield, Burgh by Sands 
 Tyne Solway Canal proposed
NY32865914 war memorial, Burgh by Sands 
NY31245943 Watch Hill, Burgh by Sands 
NY312595 Watch Tree, Burgh by Sands 
NY32425913 watchtower, Burgh by Sands L
NY32185901 West End, Burgh by Sands 
NY31855891 West Green Bridge, Burgh by Sands L
NY31725901 West Green, Burgh by Sands L
NY31635904 Westgreen School, Burgh by Sands 
NY30875891 White Cottage, Longburgh L
NY32695914 White Row, Burgh by Sands 
NY30925917 windmill, Dykesfield once
NY31795583 Woodlands, Burgh by Sands 
NY33595886 Wormanby Farm, Wormanby L
NY33635884 Wormanby House, Wormanby L
NY33565885 Wormanby, Burgh by Sands 
NY32755926 Yew Tree Cottage, Burgh by Sands L
NY32235901 Hewitt Cottage, Burgh by Sands 
 pinfold, Burgh by Sands planned
NY33095680 Stonehouse, Moorhouse L
NY32755914 Burgh by Sands 
NY32725913 Cross Farm, Burgh by Sands L
NY28395949 canal aqueduct, Burgh by Sands L
NY33245680 barn, Moorhouse 
NY33565667 meeting house, Moorhouse L
NY32825912 roman fort, Burgh by Sands 
NY6166 Hadrian's Wall L
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