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Burton-in-Kendal parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD5377
10Km square:-   SD57
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Burton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Burton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
placename:-  Burton
Population: 1050 (1971)

place:-   Burton in Kendal Constablewick
note:-   and an area from Lancashire

SD53107653 Barker House, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52797667 Beech Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD51917926 boundary stone, Beetham/Burton L
SD52787601 boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal (2) 
SD52857577 boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal (3) 
SD53767698 boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal (4) 
SD53337590 boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal (5) 
SD51167751 boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal/Beetham 
SD52997810 boundary stone, Holme/Burton-in-Kendal L
SD56157656 boundary stone, Hutton Roof/Burton-in-Kendal L
SD52307751 Braithwaites Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD51177752 bridge, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD50957735 Burton and Holme Station, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53067666 Burton Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52967671 Burton Hall, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53037621 Burton House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53097662 Burton Morewood CE Primary School, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD51757737 Burton Moss, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52357693 Burton Road Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal 
SD52227618 Burton Services, M6 
SD52327684 Burton Wharf, Lancaster Canal 
SD53027643 Burton-in-Kendal: Market Place 
SD53037642 Burton-in-Kendal: Square, 1 L
SD53407688 Burton-in-Kendal: Vicarage Lane 
SD52307758 canal milestone, Kendal 12 L
SD53057650 Chester Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53007640 Chester Terrace, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53087692 Church Bank Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53097695 Church Bank House, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53157765 Clawthorpe Hall, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53897827 Clawthorpe Quarry, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD531775 Clawthorpe, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53007630 Coach House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53137497 Coat Green, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD557765 Crag House, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD54237620 Crow Trees, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD536782 Curwen Woods, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD555768 Dalton Crags, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53697577 Dalton Hall, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD54007528 Dalton Old Hall Farm, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD547748 Dalton Park Wood, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53527558 Dalton Park, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD543766 Dalton, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52477530 Deerslet, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53007636 Devenant House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD52217704 fingerpost, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52287725 fingerpost, Burton-in-Kendal (2) 
SD52867658 fingerpost, Burton-in-Kendal (3) 
SD54747594 fingerpost, Burton-in-Kendal (4) 
SD53007645 Glenlea and Aysgarth, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD52997645 Globe, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD531765 Green Dragon, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53067651 Hanging Farm Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52277651 Hanging Hill, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52297649 Hangings, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD547757 Henridding, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD5274 Heron Syke 
SD5275 Heron Syke, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52857580 Heronsyke, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52997649 Hill House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD52367792 Holme Mills, Holme 
SD53847611 Home Farm, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52967620 Hordley House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD52687630 Hordley, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53007635 Hutton House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD5675 Keer, River 
SD53007637 Kings Arms, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD52987635 Laburnum House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53007643 lamp post, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD52817677 Ley Pits Farm, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53787778 limekiln, Clawthorpe 
SD52947608 lockup, Burton-in-Kendal gone
SD52987628 Manor House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD52967621 Mansion House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53017644 market cross, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53037654 Memorial Hall, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD5375 milestone, Dalton Park 
SD51567746 Moss House, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52847660 Moss Lane Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD51717721 Moss Lane, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD51907652 Moss Side Bridge, Lancaster Canal 
SD52607673 motorway bridge, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52697649 New Lane, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52367731 New Mill Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal L
SD52647748 New Mill, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52987675 Old Hall, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52187727 Old Station Inn, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD54437661 Pear Tree Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52877654 pinfold, Burton-in-Kendal gone
SD54227681 pinfold, Dalton 
SD52097702 railway bridge, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53007643 Royal Hotel, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD530764 Royal Oak, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53297744 Sandygap Farm, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53127691 school, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD5376 school, Burton-in-Kendal (2) suggested
SD53027641 Square House, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53007643 Square, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53017644 stocks, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52897671 tanyard, Burton-in-Kendal gone
SD53487596 Tithe Barn, Burton-in-Kendal gone
SD53237675 Vicarage, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53077691 war memorial, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53147678 West View, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD52377773 winding point, Lancaster Canal 
SD52317714 Woodhouse Hill, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD53007638 Burton-in-Kendal 
SD535758 icehouse, Dalton Hall 
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
SD52777555 milestone, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD53017650 milestone, Burton-in-Kendal (2) perhaps once
SD52997804 milestone, Burton-in-Kendal (3) L
SD53057689 St James, Burton-in-Kendal L
SD59 Lancaster Canal 
SD52947610 toll gate, Burton-in-Kendal gone
SD52977630 Fern Bank, Burton-in-Kendal L
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