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Cleator Moor parish
Cleator Moor
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0213
10Km square:-   NY01
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 7686 (1971)

NY01541384 Ainfield, Cleator Moor 
NY02431515 Aldby Quarry, Cleator Moor gone?
NY02401498 Aldby, Cleator Moor 
NY03681376 Archy Moss, Cleator Moor 
NY04201378 Bessy Whag Well, Cleator Moor 
NY00501325 Bigrigg Goods Depot, Cleator Moor 
NY009138 Bigrigg Junction, Cleator Moor 
NY02051551 Birks Bridge Junction, Cleator Moor 
NY020155 Birks Bridge Station, Cleator Moor 
NY02241549 Birksroad Cottage, Cleator Moor 
NY02271336 Black How, Cleator Moor 
NY01221420 Black Mire, Cleator Moor gone
NY01661340 Blackhow Bridge, Cleator 
NY01681587 Bog Houses, Cleator Moor gone
NY03441498 boundary stone, Arlecdon etc/Cleator Moor 
NY01721623 Bowthorn, Cleator Moor 
NY03451498 bridge, Cleator Moor 
NY02071406 Brook Inn, Cleator Moor 
NY04001363 Brown Bank, Cleator Moor 
NY01831513 building, Cleator Moor 
NY00771386 burial ground, Cleator Moor 
NY01651348 chapel, Cleator 
NY02151495 chapel, Cleator Moor 
NY01921502 Civic Hall, Cleator Moor 
 Cleator and Workington Junction Railway 
NY01441350 Cleator Church Jubilee Room, Cleator 
NY01281312 Cleator East Bridge, Cleator 
NY01381308 Cleator Forge, Cleator 
NY01961366 Cleator Mill, Cleator 
NY01971507 Cleator Moor 
NY01171546 Cleator Moor East Station, Cleator Moor 
NY01051518 Cleator Moor Junction, Cleator Moor 
NY01911499 Cleator Moor Methodist Church, Cleator Moor 
NY02081505 Cleator Moor Police Station, Cleator Moor 
NY01681525 Cleator Moor Station, Cleator Moor 
NY0015 Cleator Moor West Station, Cleator Moor 
NY01971511 Cleator Moor: Aldby Street 
NY02101536 Cleator Moor: Birks Road 
NY01351568 Cleator Moor: Bowthorn Road 
NY01411516 Cleator Moor: Crossfield Road 
NY02431475 Cleator Moor: Ennerdale Road 
NY02011507 Cleator Moor: High Street, 13 to 20 L
NY02001507 Cleator Moor: Julie's 
NY01861511 Cleator Moor: National Westminster Bank L
NY01941513 Cleator Moor: North Street 
NY01951509 Cleator Moor: Pedersen 
NY02571466 Cleator Moor: Premier stores 
NY02181492 Cleator Moor: R Mills 
NY01551350 Cleator, Cleator Moor 
NY008123 Clints, Egremont 
NY01511533 Cockelty, Cleator Moor 
NY01941510 Commercial, Cleator Moor 
NY01481492 Crossfield Pit, Cleator Moor 
NY01231491 Crossfield, Cleator Moor 
NY01631519 Crowgarth Pit, Cleator Moor gone
NY02421245 Dent Cottage, Cleator Moor 
NY02641445 Dent View, Cleator Moor 
NY03891321 Dent, Cleator Moor 
NY02161494 Derby Arms, Cleator Moor 
NY01421349 drain, Cleator 
NY01451330 Ehen Hall, Cleator 
NY01611427 Fawn Cross, Cleator Moor gone
NY04221301 Finger Stone, Cleator Moor 
NY01801379 Flosh, Cleator Moor L
NY01241296 footbridge, Cleator Moor 
NY01821507 Gin Pit, Cleator Moor gone
NY0214 grotto, Cleator Moor 
NY01521341 Hare and Hounds, Cleator 
NY00791404 High Lodge, Cleator Moor 
NY03791447 High Merebeck, Cleator Moor 
NY03041453 High Wath, Cleator Moor 
NY0315 Hole Beck 
NY01621545 ironworks, Cleator Moor gone
NY01821488 Jacktrees, Cleator Moor 
NY01571505 James's Pit, Cleator Moor gone
NY01551577 James's Place, Cleator Moor 
NY01281382 Keekle Cottage, Cleator Moor 
NY00511618 Keekle Low Bridge, Keekle 
NY0019 Keekle, River 
NY0106 Kirk Beck (2) 
NY02511341 Knott, Cleator Moor 
NY01971503 library, Cleator Moor L
NY02751452 Little's Arms, Cleator Moor 
NY01481344 lockup, Cleator Moor 
NY03701294 Long Barrow, Cleator Moor 
NY013126 Longlands Lake, Cleator Moor 
NY00761647 Low House, Cleator Moor 
NY01471313 Low Mill, Cleator 
NY02661405 Low Wath, Cleator Moor 
NY00661283 Meadow Pit, Cleator Moor 
NY01971506 memorial, Cleator Moor L
NY0314 Mere Beck (3) 
NY01911512 Moffats, Cleator Moor 
NY02521462 Montreal CofE Primary School, Cleator Moor 
NY008146 Moor Row East Junction, Moor Row 
NY0312 Navelin Stone, Cleator Moor 
NY01731262 Nook, Cleator Moor 
NY01951505 office, Cleator Moor L
NY01461345 Old Hall, Cleator L
NY00561316 Old Pit, Cleator Moor 
NY01581347 Parsonage, Cleator 
NY01901506 Phoenix House, Cleator Moor L
NY01461526 post box, Cleator Moor 
NY01691522 railway bridge, Cleator Moor 
NY00911459 railway bridge, Cleator Moor (2) 
NY00921465 railway bridge, Cleator Moor (3) 
NY01591527 Railway Hotel, Cleator Moor 
NY00491633 railway viaduct, Keekle 
NY05491291 Raven Crag, Cleator Moor 
NY01781231 Row Foot, Cleator Moor 
NY02021307 Row, Cleator Moor 
NY01921367 school, Cleator Mill not found
NY01521535 school, Cleator Moor 
NY02021409 school, Cleator Moor (2) 
NY01951522 school, Cleator Moor (3) 
NY00871383 Sepulchre Meadow, Cleator Moor 
NY01471531 St John, Cleator Moor L
NY02041409 St Mary, Cleator Moor L
NX9212 Sunton Sike 
NY01521345 Three Tuns, Cleator 
NY04111425 Thwaite Hill, Cleator Moor 
NY02001440 Todholes Pit, Cleator Moor 
NY02001468 Todholes Quarries, Cleator Moor 
NY02091476 Todholes, Cleator Moor 
NY01641652 Troughton House, Cleator Moor L
NY0214 Trumpet Beck 
NY02061406 Trumpet Bridge, Cleator Moor 
NY02361426 Trumpet House, Cleator Moor 
NY02121409 Trumpet Terrace, Cleator Moor 
NY01491533 war memorial, Cleator Moor 
NY03171445 Wath Bridge, Cleator Moor 
NY02781455 Wath Brow Mission Church, Cleator Moor 
NY02901446 Wath Grove, Cleator Moor 
NY02771453 Wath, Cleator Moor 
NY02761454 Wathbrow Top, Cleator Moor 
NY03701331 Weather Slacks, Cleator Moor 
NY00481631 weir, Keekle 
NY00751560 Whinnyhill Collieries, Cleator Moor gone
NY01421347 St Leonard, Cleator L
NY01811213 bridge, St John Beckermet 
NY0515 Ehen, River 
NY00501621 High Keekle Bridge, Weddicar 
NY01231304 Jockey Bridge, Cleator Moor 
NY02081411 St Bega, Cleator Moor gone
NY0313 Rams Gill (2) 
NY0116 Bowthorn Beck 
NY0014 Nor Beck 
NY0314 Roughton Beck (2) 
NY01021471 Blind Lane, Cleator Moor 
NY03841415 Nannycatch Road, Cleator Moor 
NY01611349 school, Cleator 
NY02081411 school, Cleator Moor (4) gone
NY02651463 Wath, Cleator Moor: Wath Angling Center 
NY02821423 Wath Wood, Cleator Moor 
NY01711346 High Mill, Cleator 
NY02701405 mill, Cleator Moor 
 Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway 
NY01291496 meeting house, Crossfield 
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