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Colton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD3388
10Km square:-   SD29
10Km square:-   SD39
10Km square:-   SD28
10Km square:-   SD38
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 928 (1971)

SD31278807 Abbot Park, Colton L
SD292893 Allan Tarn, Colton 
SD29398886 Arklid Farm, Colton 
SD310893 Arklid Intake, Colton 
SD31109120 Arnsbarrow Hill, Colton 
SD31039172 Arnsbarrow Tarn, Colton 
SD32578955 Ash Slack, Colton 
SD3489 Ashes Beck 
SD313872 Bandrake Head, Colton 
SD31408590 Beckside Farm, Colton 
SD3389 Bell Beck 
SD33138927 Bell Beck Bridge, Colton 
SD313905 Bethecar Moor, Colton 
SD294903 Birk Knott, Colton 
SD29508765 Birk Row Bridge, Blawith and Subberthwaite 
SD3683 Black Beck (7) 
SD340862 Black Beck Hornbeams, Colton 
SD339860 Black Beck Plantation, Colton 
SD37718925 boat house, Colton 
SD37738876 boat house, Colton (2) 
SD37768830 boat house, Colton (3) 
SD37788795 boat house, Colton (4) 
SD37808789 boat house, Colton (5) 
SD37868786 boat house, Colton (6) 
SD292897 boat house, High Nibthwaite 
SD37848769 boat house, Lakeside 
SD35448735 Boretree Tarn, Colton 
SD33048512 Bouth Fall Stile, Colton 
SD328856 Bouth, Colton 
SD29128896 Bouthrey Bridge, Colton L
SD294896 bridge, High Nibthwaite 
SD34759069 bridge, Thwaite Head 
SD297861 Bridgefield, Colton 
SD372898 Brows, Colton 
SD328861 Burn Knott, Colton 
SD30239342 Cabin, Colton 
SD2989 Caws Beck 
SD31538449 Chapel Farm, Tottlebank 
SD31448450 chapel, Tottlebank L
SD33958889 Cinder Hill, Rusland 
SD36098705 Cobby House, Finsthwaite L
SD31718607 Colton 
SD3186 Colton Beck 
SD32058448 Colton Beck Bridge, Colton 
SD31858609 Colton Church Hall, Colton 
SD31608608 Colton Farm, Colton 
SD31938549 Colton Heights, Colton 
SD31698611 Colton House, Colton 
SD34388950 Cosy Cottage, Crosslands 
SD2987 Crake, River 
SD34428639 Crooks Bridge, Colton 
SD342865 Crooks, Colton 
SD34438953 Crossland House, Colton L
SD34408947 Crosslands Farm, Crosslands 
SD34378948 Crosslands, Colton 
SD303929 Dodgson Wood, Colton 
SD31618735 Dubber Beck, Oxen Park 
SD347858 Ealinghearth, Colton 
SD37868747 engine shed, Lakeside gone
SD37498793 Fern Ville, Colton 
SD36868778 Finsthwaite and Lakeside Village Hall, Finsthwaite 
SD35888678 Finsthwaite Cottage, Finsthwaite 
SD361881 Finsthwaite Heights, Colton 
SD36388716 Finsthwaite House, Finsthwaite L
SD36998694 Finsthwaite Summer House Tower, Colton L
SD368878 Finsthwaite, Colton 
SD36018697 Finsyke Cottage, Finsthwaite 
SD31828721 Fold, Oxen Park 
SD3389 Furness Fells 
SD297913 Grass Paddocks, Colton 
SD352868 Great Ellerside, Colton 
SD35868915 Great Green Hows, Colton 
SD358860 Great Hagg, Colton 
SD304921 Great Hill, Colton 
SD33108532 Great Lindeth, Colton 
SD31838724 Green Bank, Oxen Park L
SD36018706 Green Cottage, Finsthwaite 
SD36269068 Green Hows Tarn, Colton 
SD36068985 Green Hows Upper Tarn, Colton 
SD31668594 Greenhead Farm, Colton 
SD34078889 Hall Farm, Rusland 
SD30098693 hedge, Colton 
SD31588499 Hellpot Bridge, Colton 
SD30348978 High Bethecar, Colton L
SD36168875 High Dam, Colton 
SD37748755 High Hall, Lakeside suggested
SD337870 High Hay Bridge, Colton 
SD323894 High Ickenthwaite, Colton 
SD32578703 High Longmire, Colton 
SD306926 High Parkamoor, Colton 
SD29529173 High Peel Near, Colton 
SD37268858 High Stott Park, Colton L
SD297893 High Wood, Colton 
SD301872 Hill Park Farm, Colton 
SD31448346 Hill Top, Colton 
SD36128698 house, Finsthwaite 
SD37858757 house, Lakeside 
SD31868721 house, Oxen Park 
SD31858726 house, Oxen Park (2) 
SD33088796 Hulleter, Colton 
SD36468756 Jolliver Tree Cottage, Finsthwaite L
SD36478757 Jolliver Tree Farm, Finsthwaite L
SD37658756 Jubilee Institute, Lakeside 
SD36488756 July Flower Tree, Finsthwaite 
SD325865 Kirkhead Cave, Colton 
SD32358772 Kirkthwaite Cottage, Colton 
SD31728264 Lady Syke Bridge, Haverthwaite gone
 Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway 
 Lakeside branch railway 
SD37708693 Landing Hole, Windermere lake 
SD377871 Landing How, Lakeside 
SD31068448 Lane Head, Colton 
SD319829 Legbarrow Point, Colton 
SD34008917 Light Hall, Rusland 
SD34528841 limekiln, Colton 
SD33888955 Lin Bridge, Colton 
SD31828472 Little Mill Bridge, Colton 
SD30868951 Low Bethecar, Colton 
SD336875 Low Hay Bridge, Colton 
SD32598701 Low Longmire Cottage, Colton 
SD32748724 Low Longmire, Colton L
SD294883 Low Nibthwaite, Colton 
SD30709263 Low Parkamoor, Colton L
SD295915 Low Peel Near, Colton 
SD37278814 Low Stott Park, Colton 
SD29358653 Lowick Bridge bridge, Lowick 
SD31878723 Manor House, Oxen Park 
SD31968438 milestone, Colton not found
SD31038332 milestone, Colton (2) L
SD32808557 milestone, Colton (3) not found
SD32448413 milestone, Colton (4) 
SD32328408 milestone, Colton (5) 
SD31738289 milestone, Colton (6) 
SD31038301 milestone, Colton (7) 
SD31788311 milestone, Colton (8) 
SD35018613 milestone, Haverthwaite L
SD296917 Montague Wyke, Coniston Water 
SD31838606 mounting block, Colton L
SD32988429 New Pool Bridge, Colton 
SD36678643 Newby Bridge Station, Colton 
SD29618815 Nibthwaite Grange, Colton L
SD295883 Nibthwaite ironworks, Colton gone
SD29468829 Nibthwaite Mill, Colton L
SD292898 Nibthwaite Quay, Colton 
SD36788784 Nook House, Finsthwaite 
SD31868720 Old Cottage, Oxen Park L
SD32558556 Old Hall Farm, Colton L
SD31888731 Old Post Office, Oxen Park 
SD31858721 Old Smithy, Oxen Park L
SD31788726 Oxen Park Farm, Oxen Park 
SD31738736 Oxen Park Reading Room, Oxen Park 
SD31848729 Oxen Park, Colton 
SD307874 Park Wood, Colton 
SD310933 Park, Colton 
SD309925 Parkamoor, Colton 
SD375895 Parks Wood, Colton 
SD29519190 Peel Island, Coniston Water 
SD33358502 Pool Bridge, Bouth 
SD32798416 Pool Foot, Colton 
SD315844 post box, Colton 
SD295883 post box, Colton (2) 
SD294897 post box, Colton (3) 
SD314873 post box, Colton (5) 
SD36098711 post box, Finsthwaite 
SD31858723 post box, Oxen Park 
SD31878730 post box, Oxen Park (2) 
SD33948886 post box, Rusland 
SD33918905 post box, Rusland (2) 
SD34108988 post box, Thwaite Moss 
SD35939114 potash kiln, Colton L
SD37838784 powder magazine, Colton 
SD29199002 powder magazine, High Nibthwaite 
SD331897 Quakers Wood, Colton 
SD36528635 railway bridge, Colton 
SD36928649 railway bridge, Colton (3) 
SD36338623 railway bridge, Colton (4) 
SD35608574 railway bridge, Haverthwaite (3) 
SD37808705 railway bridge, Lakeside L
SD31788554 Ridding Side Farm, Colton 
SD301921 Rigg Wood, Colton 
SD319884 Riggs, Colton 
SD32248406 Roam Bridge, Colton 
SD345899 Roger Ridding Farm, Colton 
SD36818792 Rose Cottage, Finsthwaite L
SD31838720 Rose Cottage, Oxen Park 
SD340888 Rusland Cross, Colton 
SD33938881 Rusland Hall, Rusland L
SD3487 Rusland Pool 
SD33858860 Rusland Pool Bridge, Rusland L
SD34118873 Rusland Tannery, Rusland Cross 
SD33928884 Rusland, Colton 
SD353881 Ruslands Heights, Colton 
SD308864 Sales Bank Wood, Colton 
SD33719210 Satterthwaite Bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD302863 Sayles Farm, Colton 
SD36488763 school, Finsthwaite 
SD305916 Selside, Colton 
SD359864 Shive of Cheese, Colton 
SD31308770 Side House, Colton 
SD36098712 Sinder Hill Cottage, Finsthwaite 
SD343876 Skinner Pastures, Colton 
SD31898728 smithy, Oxen Park L
SD30668489 Spark Bridge, Spark Bridge 
SD35648644 Spire, Colton L
SD31748607 St Cuthbert's Well, Colton L
SD33848965 St Paul, Rusland L
SD33088867 standing stone, Colton 
SD37438862 Stock Park, Colton 
SD310887 Stock Wood, Colton 
SD30488863 Stock, Colton 
SD336897 Stony Hazel Ironworks, Rusland 
SD37178819 Stott Park Ash, Colton 
SD37398855 summer house, Colton 
SD363880 Summer Sides Wood, Colton 
SD33908905 Syke, Rusland 
SD35119014 tarn, Colton 
SD33478728 tarn, Colton (2) 
SD31418911 Three Foot Oak, Colton 
SD35878675 Thwaite End, Finsthwaite 
SD34679045 Thwaite Head Bridge, Thwaite Head 
SD346905 Thwaite Head, Colton 
SD34128986 Thwaite Moss House, Thwaite Moss L
SD34138989 Thwaite Moss, Colton 
SD353911 Thwaitehead Fell, Colton 
SD32148403 Toll Bar, Colton 
SD36088701 Tom Crag, Finsthwaite L
SD30919193 Top o' Selside, Colton 
SD31488421 Tottlebank Farm, Tottlebank 
SD31418433 Tottlebank, Colton 
SD35848673 Town End Farmhouse, Finsthwaite 
SD35908694 Town End, Finsthwaite 
SD2878 Ulverston: Atkinson 
SD31868410 Underfield, Colton L
SD29769184 viewpoint, Peel Ness 
SD29319028 viewpoint, Water Park 
SD33808970 village hall, Rusland 
SD31498572 Waste Bridge, Colton 
SD292902 Water Park, Colton 
SD36458634 Water Side House, Colton L
SD36808790 water trough, Finsthwaite 
SD34029039 Wedder Gleam, Satterthwaite 
SD32848564 White Hart, Bouth 
SD32838896 Whitestock Hall, Colton L
SD37888737 Windermere Lakeside Station, Lakeside 
SD35668740 Yew Barrow, Colton 
SD3289 Yew Beck 
SD33078917 Yew Beck Bridge, Colton 
SD375898 YMCA National Centre, Colton 
SD31848605 Holy Trinity, Colton L
SD37798744 Lakeside, Colton 
SD37818747 Lakeside Hotel, Lakeside 
SD293897 High Nibthwaite, Colton 
SD302943 Coniston Water 
SD29428895 Nibthwaite, Colton 
SD36918636 Newby Bridge, Newby Bridge L
SD3483 Leven, River 
SD33238954 Rookhow, Colton L
SD36538772 Chapman House, Finsthwaite 
SD36868782 St Peter, Finsthwaite L
SD334854 Blackbeck Gunpowder Mills, Colton 
SD37228821 Stott Park Bobbin Mill, Colton 
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