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Crosscanonby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0738
10Km square:-   NY04
10Km square:-   NY03
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1042 (1971)

NY09653864 Allerby Mill, Bullgill 
NY0437 Barney Gill 
NY07543752 Birkby Brick and Tile Works, Crosscanonby 
NY05923746 Birkby Cottage, Birkby L
NY05943739 Birkby Farm, Birkby L
NY05923746 Birkby House, Birkby L
NY06653805 Birkby Lodge, Crosscanonby L out of sight
NY05253694 Birkby Mill, Crosscanonby 
NY05963760 Birkby, Crosscanonby 
NY04733704 boundary stone, Crosscanonby/Maryport 
NY08593899 Bower Bank, Crosscanonby 
NY0739 Bronsow Beck 
NY05863891 Brown Rigg, Crosscanonby 
NY09603849 Bullgill Bridge, Bullgill 
NY09583854 Bullgill Station, Bullgill 
NY06893898 Canonby Hall, Crosscanonby L
NY06893907 Canonby House, Crosscanonby L
NY07493843 Chapel House, Crosby 
NY07433841 chapel, Crosby gone
NY09103880 Crosby Colliery, Crosscanonby 
NY06753829 Crosby Moor, Crosscanonby 
NY09053905 Crosby Villa, Crosscanonby 
NY07393842 Crosby, Crosscanonby 
NY06933905 Crosscanonby 
NY07163831 Crosscanonby Community Centre, Crosby 
NY07043727 Dearham Bridge Station, Crosscanonby 
NY06913718 Dearham Bridge, Dearham 
NY07083914 East Farm, Crosscanonby L
NY05053716 Ellen Bank, Crosscanonby 
NY04863704 Ellen Grove, Crosscanonby L
NY0537 Garley Gill 
NY05953749 Grove, Birkby 
NY07203834 High Garborough, Crosby 
NY07433836 Hill Farm, Crosby L
NY07013911 Hill House Farm, Crosscanonby 
NY07633849 house, Crosby 
NY07543850 house, Crosby (2) 
NY07053913 house, Crosscanonby 
NY05903745 ivy, Birkby 
NY07103820 Low Garborough, Crosby 
NY071384 meeting house, Crosby possibly once; gone?
NY06734009 memorial, Crosscanonby 
NY07563855 Midtown Farm, Crosby 
NY06483983 milestone, Crosscanonby L not found
NY05223863 milestone, Crosscanonby (2) 
NY07083838 Moor Park, Crosby gone
NY07513843 Oak Bank, Crosby 
NY05663743 Park Gill 
NY05673716 Park Hill, Crosscanonby 
NY089389 pillbox, Crosscanonby 
NY073384 pinfold, Crosby gone
NY06943810 police house, Crosby 
NY05953754 post box, Birkby 
NY07503842 post box, Crosby 
NY09583852 railway bridge, Bullgill 
NY06993726 railway bridge, Crosscanonby 
NY09533849 railway milepost, Bullgill 
NY09433846 railway sidings, Crosby Colliery 
NY05983754 Retreat, Birkby L
NY06714005 roman fortlet 21, Crosscanonby 
NY08323780 Rose Gill Mill, Crosscanonby 
NY08423795 Rosegill Colliery, Crosscanonby 
NY07513843 Royal Oak Inn, Crosby 
NY06684013 salt pans, Crosscanonby 
NY06734012 Saltpans, Crosscanonby 
NY0538 Scad Beck 
NY07213839 school, Crosby 
NY07203845 Solway Villa, Crosby 
NY06913900 St John, Crosscanonby L
NY07613852 Stag Inn, Crosby 
NY05933755 stone, Birkby 
NY07904031 Swarthy Hill, Crosscanonby 
NY04843702 tanyard, Crosscanonby gone
NY04653715 toll gate, Ellen Grove gone
 Tyne Solway Canal proposed
NY06933901 war memorial, Crosscanonby 
NY05223820 Maryport Cemetery, Crosscanonby 
NY2436 Ellen, River 
NY0739 Allerby Canal proposed
NY0839 Brunsow Beck 
NY07383844 Westlands Farm, Crosby L
 Maryport and Carlisle Railway 
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