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placename:- Egremont parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY0011
10Km square:- NX91, NY01
10Km square:- NX90, NY00
parish code:- EGRM
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY0011

source:- Census 1971

population:- 7253 -- 1971

Ashley Grove, Egremont
Beck Green, Egremont
Bigrigg, Egremont
Black Ling, Egremont
Blackbeck Brewery, Egremont
Blue Bell, Egremont
bridge, Egremont
Briscoemill Bridge, Egremont
Cat Inn, Egremont
Catgill Hall, Egremont
Central, Egremont
church, Egremont
Clints Well, Egremont
Common Well, Egremont
Croft End House, Egremont
drinking fountain, Egremont
Egremont and Sellafield branch railway
Egremont Castle, Egremont
Egremont Cemetery, Egremont
Egremont Fire Station, Egremont
Egremont Market Hall: Egremont
Egremont Police Station, Egremont
Egremont Station, Egremont
Egremont: HSBC Bank
Egremont: Main Street
Egremont: Main Street, 45
Egremont: Main Street, 54 to 56
Egremont: Main Street, 57
Egremont: Market Place, 9
Egremont: Market Street, 1
Egremont: NatWest Bank
Egremont: South Street, 21
Ehen, River
Ellergill Bridge, St Bees
engine shed, Moor Row
engine shed, Moor Row (2)
fingerpost, Egremont
fingerpost, Egremont (2)
Fletcher Pit, Egremont
Florence Mine, Egremont
Florence Mine, Egremont: Gates and Railings
footbridge, Cleator Moor
Gillfoot Branch Junction, Egremont
Gillfoot, Egremont
Horn, Egremont
hydrant plate, Bigrigg
hydrant plate, Egremont
James's Pit, Egremont
Kings Arms, Egremont
limekiln, Egremont
location, Egremont
Low Keekle Bridge, Cleator Moor
Lowes Court, Egremont
market cross, Egremont
Marlborough Hall, Egremont
milestone, Egremont
milestone, Egremont (2)
milestone, Egremont (3)
milestone, Egremont (4)
Moor Row Station, Moor Row
Moor Row, Egremont
Old Bridge, Egremont
Old Hall, Egremont
Orgill, Egremont
Pallaflat, Egremont
Parkhouse Farm, Egremont
Picket How, Egremont
railway bridge, Egremont
railway bridge, Egremont (2)
railway bridge, Egremont (3)
railway bridge, Moor Row
Raveley Tarn, Egremont
Red Lion Hotel, Egremont
ring of bells, Egremont
Ringingstone Quarry, Egremont
Ringlen Stones, Egremont
road, Egremont to Carlisle
road, Egremont to Cockermouth
road, Egremont to Whitehaven
road, Ravenglass to Egremont
road, through St Bees
school, Egremont
school, Egremont (2)
seat, Egremont
Shaw, Egremont
Ship Launch, Egremont
Sike House, Egremont
Sir John Pit, Egremont
Snellings Mire, Egremont
Southam, Egremont
Springfield, Egremont
St Bees Stone, St Bees
St Mary, Egremont
St Michael and St John, Bigrigg
Steelbarrow Quarries, Egremont
sundial, Egremont
telephone box, Egremont
toll gate, Egremont
toll gate, Egremont (2)
Town Hall, Egremont
trig point, NX9922209751
war memorial, Egremont
Watson Hill, Egremont
weighing machine, Cleator
Whangs Quarry, Egremont
Whangs, Egremont
Wheatsheaf, Egremont
Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway
Woodbank Mansion, Egremont
Woodend Station, Egremont
Woodend, Egremont

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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